COI Tracking – Everything You Need to Know to Simplify Certificate of Insurance Tracking

Managing insurance policies can be streamlined using a comprehensive Certificate of Insurance (COI) tracking software. We’ve created this comprehensive guide to share everything you need to know for a simplified COI tracking process that will save you time and money.

Everything You Need to Know When Considering COI Tracking Software

In this article, we’ll go over every detail you need to know before investing in COI tracking software for your business including:

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What is Certificate of Insurance (COI) Tracking?

Certificate of Insurance tracking software streamlines the collection, verification, and maintenance of insurance certificates for businesses, utilizing automation for data accuracy, prompt renewals, and significant time savings compared to manual processes.

Traditional methods of insurance certificate management are done manually. This introduces inefficiencies and errors that usually negatively impact a company’s bottom line. COI tracking software reduces errors by automating tasks, which increases accuracy, reduces labor costs, enhances compliance, and improves risk management.

Industries that use COI tracking include:

Nearly every industry is required to be compliant with insurance. From the retail store where you buy your shirts to the transportation company that delivers those shirts, everyone needs to ensure compliance with COIs. We’ll dive into how each industry can leverage certificate of insurance tracking later in this article.

COI Tracking Features You Need for Your Business

Not all COI tracking software is built the same, so it’s imperative to know which features are the most important to be included in the solution. A comprehensive COI tracking software would include features such as automation, customizations, user-friendly interfaces, and top-notch security features.

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Comprehensive COI tracking solutions include these features: 

  • Automated tracking and notification of COI expiration dates
  • User-friendly dashboard for easy tracking and management
  • Customizable settings for notifications and reminders
  • Secure storage of COI documents
  • Automated vendor credentialing
  • Automated verification insurance coverage
    • Automated tracking and notification of COI expirations 
    • Real-time verification results
  • Customizable verification workflows
  • Seamless communication with insureds
  • Mitigating exclusions and reductions

Get COI Tracking for Automated Vendor Credentialing

Automated vendor credentialing with certificate of insurance tracking ensures comprehensive monitoring and management of insurance certificates. The use of automation frees up time from having to do the process manually and also ensures accuracy with the elimination of the possibility of human error.


Automated Verification Insurance Coverage with COI Tracking

Certificate of insurance tracking automates insurance coverage verification by tracking and notifying of COI expirations in real-time. This ensures timely updates and provides immediate verification results so COI management knows that all necessary insurances are up to date.

Use COI Tracking Software for Customizable Verification Workflows

COI tracking software facilitates customizable verification workflows, optimizing the process of ensuring insurance compliance. It tailors verification steps to specific requirements, enhancing adaptability and efficiency in managing insurance certificates, regardless of the business or industry.

Experience Seamless Communication with Insureds Using COI Tracking Software

Insured parties can communicate with ease using COI tracking software so there can be an efficient exchange of information. It enhances collaboration, streamlines updates, and promotes effective dialogue. Collaboration is key for COI tracking and it can be done through quality certificate of insurance tracking software.

Harness COI Tracking Software to Mitigate Exclusions and Reductions

Use COI tracking software to mitigate exclusions and reductions in insurance coverage effectively. The software ensures comprehensive monitoring, reducing the risk of gaps and limitations in coverage for enhanced risk management.

These are the most important features of COI tracking software but it’s also crucial to know exactly how it will benefit your business.

What are the Key Benefits of COI Tracking Software?

COI tracking software offers a variety of benefits, including streamlined insurance management, reduced errors through automation, enhanced compliance, improved risk management, and significant cost savings on administrative tasks. 

It ensures timely renewals, accurate data, and overall efficiency, providing businesses with a comprehensive solution for effective insurance certificate tracking. COI tracking software also:

  • Saves time and reduces manual errors in COI tracking
  • Avoids costly penalties and risks associated with lapsed COIs
  • Increases compliance and mitigates risk for businesses and organizations
  • Provides peace of mind for COI management

Venn diagram showing the benefits of Certificate of Insurance Tracking Software

Save Time and Reduce Manual Errors with COI Tracking

COI tracking software streamlines processes with automation. That has multiple benefits, including saving time by removing the need to complete tasks manually. Additionally, it minimizes errors by automating the monitoring of COIs, which enhances efficiency and ensures accurate record-keeping.

Use COI Tracking Software to Avoid Costly Penalties and Risks Associated with Lapsed COIs

Another benefit of COI tracking software is that it helps prevent expensive penalties and risks by ensuring timely renewal of COIs through automation and alerts. This acts as a safeguard against lapses that could leave your business unprotected and non-compliant.

Increase Compliance and Mitigate Risk for Businesses and Organizations with COI Tracking Software

Operating any business comes with risk, but COI tracking software can mitigate that risk. It enhances business compliance and risk management by systematically monitoring and managing conflicts of interest and minimizing potential legal risks.

COI Tracking Software Provides Peace of Mind for COI Management

Peace of mind is priceless for business stakeholders and certificate of insurance tracking software can be used as a tool to achieve that. It can provide reassurance to COI management by efficiently managing COIs, and ensuring compliance so that COI managers don’t have to manually keep up with all of the COIs for their business.

Now that you know how COI tracking can benefit your business, you should also know how it works.

How Does COI Tracking Work?

COI tracking involves a systematic process of monitoring and managing COIs. It utilizes specialized software to centralize COI data, automate renewals, and verify compliance. This streamlines the otherwise complex task so that businesses have up-to-date and valid insurance documentation. 

It’s important for COIs to be current to minimize risks and maintain regulatory compliance. A comprehensive COI tracking solution should have: 

  • Integration with existing systems and workflows
  • Easy setup and implementation process
  • Compliance Management 
  • Risk assessment capabilities

List of what COI tracking solutions should have - integration, easy setup, compliance management, and risk assessment capabilities

Integrate COI Tracking Software with Existing Systems and Workflows

Businesses can enhance operational efficiency by integrating COI tracking software with their current systems and workflows. This creates a smooth, unified process for managing COIs, optimizing data flow, and minimizing disruptions, all while remaining compliant.

Easy Setup and Implementation Process for COI Tracking Software

Quality certificate of insurance tracking software should be easy to set up and implement. A user-friendly solution will have a straightforward process for quick integration, with clear and concise instructions as well as additional support if needed.

Ensure Compliance Management with COI Tracking Software 

COI tracking software ensures compliance management by centralizing and automating the monitoring of COIs. With all the necessary information in one place, it simplifies the COI tracking process. The software reduces risks and provides businesses with a reliable tool for regulatory adherence.

Use COI Tracking Software to Conduct Risk Assessments 

It’s better to prevent non-compliance from happening rather than cleaning a mess when it does occur. COI tracking software can be utilized for thorough risk assessments. With its centralized insurance data, an analysis can be conducted to promote proactive decision-making for a more secure business environment.

COI tracking software is a digital solution and in today’s world, almost every industry is digitized in some aspect. Below we’ve explained how each industry uses COI tracking software.

What Industries Use COI Tracking Software

COI tracking software is used across various industries such as construction, real estate, healthcare, and transportation. It’s crucial in ensuring compliance, risk mitigation, and efficient management of insurance documentation. From contractors to property managers, countless sectors benefit from COI tracking to streamline operations and maintain regulatory standards. Some industries that can benefit from COI tracking software include:

COI Tracking for Franchises

Franchises benefit from end-to-end insurance compliance, mitigating risks and lightening their workload. COI tracking helps to streamline processes and adhere to insurance standards for a secure and efficient operational environment.

Using COI Tracking in Retail

The retail industry requires a lot of moving parts. Retailers rely on COI tracking for insurance verification and as a fulfillment solution to oversee third-party and supply chain risk. COI software helps with the comprehensive management of potential liabilities and enhances overall risk mitigation in the retail sector.

a link to download the retail benchmark report

COI Tracking for Grocery

Grocery retailers and operators can leverage COI tracking to streamline compliance processes related to product standards to minimize risk, expenses, and effort. It aids with easy management of insurance documentation for the businesses that help keep food on the table for families across the world.

Leverage COI Tracking Software in Construction

COI tracking software is a solution for vendor and contractor insurance verification, to guarantee end-to-end coverage. It can increase risk visibility and expedite fulfillment, so construction businesses can see efficient operations and increased conversion rates.

COI Tracking for Real Estate

The real estate industry is full of documentation to sign so that all the bases are covered for key stakeholders. Certificate of insurance tracking is essential for property managers, landlords, and real estate professionals to simplify insurance documentation processes and enhance risk mitigation.

Using COI Tracking in the Transportation Industry 

In the transportation sector, verifying insurance coverage is a nuanced application. Compliance is crucial as there is the risk of costly damages in accidents, prompting claims against various parties. This industry uses COI tracking to ensure that all COIs are current so all related parties are compliant in case of accidents.

Manufacturing and COI Tracking

The manufacturing industry is full of diverse suppliers and COI tracking offers tailored solutions for each one of them. Certificate of insurance tracking software enhances visibility, minimizes risks, and mitigates events (such as product recalls) by efficiently assessing the total insurance risk across the supply chain.

COI Tracking for Commercial Lending

Commercial lenders utilize COI tracking for streamlined insurance verification to minimize administrative burdens and enhance borrower onboarding efficiency. Comprehensive COI tracking software suppliers can also work with commercial lenders to provide uninsured or underinsured businesses with coverage, making sure that all businesses are compliant.

How Governments Can Use COI Tracking 

Government bodies encounter substantial risks in third-party insurance verification with heightened regulatory scrutiny. Certificate of insurance tracking streamlines insurance verification for accuracy and can facilitate on-demand reporting, crucial for governmental organizations facing audits and leadership threats.

Insurance Carriers Utilize COI Tracking

Insurance carriers leverage COI tracking to streamline the monitoring of COIs. COI tracking software helps with the management of policies so that compliance can be guaranteed. It can also automate the verification process and provide real-time insights into coverage status.

Using COI Tracking for Third-Party Administrators

Certificate of insurance tracking can be invaluable for third-party administrators as any coverage gaps pose serious risks for enterprises. Using COI tracking software, third-party administrators can automate the process of verification of COIs to reduce risks and be confident in meeting compliance expectations. 

Self-Insured Employers and COI Tracking

Self-insured employers definitely need help with the confusing process of managing insurance and COI tracking software is the perfect solution for them. The tracking system helps manage and validate certificates of insurance efficiently, providing self-insured employers with control and assurance in maintaining coverage standards.

COI Tracking for Every Industry

Since insurance is essential for almost every industry, COI tracking can benefit any business. With streamlined management of COIs, every business can foster compliance and risk mitigation. COI tracking software is a universal tool that benefits all sectors by maintaining up-to-date insurance documentation.

It’s clear that certificate of insurance tracking software can benefit any industry. Now the question is: How much does COI tracking software cost?

How Much Does COI Tracking Software Cost?

COI tracking software costs vary based on features, scale, and providers. Prices can range from a few hundred to several thousand dollars annually. Some COI tracking software is available for a free trial to ensure that it is a good fit for your company. Check around with different vendors to get quotes that are tailored to your specific business needs. When comparing solutions consider: 

  • Transparent pricing model with no hidden fees
  • Various pricing plans to fit different business needs and sizes
  • If it is subscription-based
  • Support that is offered with each plan
  • If there is an opportunity to test it out or get a demo

You may have some other questions about COI tracking and we’ve got you covered in the section below.

Answers to Common Questions About COI Tracking

With all of its intricacies and details, certificate of insurance tracking can be an overwhelming concept. It’s common to have questions about COI tracking and most people have the same questions. As experts in insurance tracking, we gave answers to some of these questions below.

What is COI tracking?

Certificate of Insurance (COI) tracking is the process of monitoring and managing insurance certificates. It involves verifying coverage details, ensuring compliance, and utilizing software automation to streamline tasks, reduce errors, enhance efficiency, and mitigate risks for businesses and organizations.

What does COI stand for?

COI stands for Certificate of Insurance. It is a document that provides proof of insurance coverage, detailing policy information, limits, and effective dates. COIs are key for verifying insurance compliance in various business transactions and contractual agreements.

What is COI software?

COI software is a digital solution that automates the tracking, verification, and management of insurance certificates. It is designed to ensure compliance, reduce errors, and enhance efficiency, providing businesses with a streamlined and effective tool for insurance-related tasks.

What is the purpose of a certificate of insurance?

A certificate of insurance serves to provide proof of insurance coverage. It outlines policy details, limits, and effective dates. This certificate assures parties in a business transaction that the insured party has the necessary insurance protection, reducing liability concerns and risks.

Additional COI Tracking Resources

Do you want to know more about certificate of insurance tracking? We’ve compiled a list of trusted resources so you can learn how important comprehensive COI tracking software is for your business to thrive.

About Evident’s COI Tracking Software

Evident’s COI tracking solution is a comprehensive offering for business credentialing management. It automates the entire process including collection, verification, analysis, decisioning, storage, and monitoring of all credentialing documents to ensure compliance with corporate standards. 

Evident also leverages AI technology and benchmark data to provide business insights and reports that help you make informed decisions that are best for your business. Our key features include:

  • Certificate Storage
  • Automated Data Entry
  • Alerts and Notification for Non-compliance  
  • Document Expiry Tracking 
  • Compliance Management 
  • Vendor Profiles 
  • Workflow Automation and Customization


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We’ve provided a comprehensive guide for everything you need to know about insurance tracking

Starting at the basics of what it is, we’ve taken you through the ins and outs of how it works, how it can benefit your business, and how much certificate of insurance tracking software could cost. 

You’ve most likely seen your industry mentioned in our guide and Evident can help you to streamline your COI tracking process starting today. 

Are you ready to make your COI tracking process easier? Request a free demo today.

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