Reduce Third-Party Risk with Automated Insurance Verification

The most comprehensive, dynamic insurance verification solution that measures organizations' overall risk, not just compliance

Welcome Brokers!

Insurance Verification and Management, Reinvented

We’re automating COI collection, digitization, verification, analysis, decisioning and continuous monitoring to reduce our customers’ third-party risk. We’re also helping your Insureds get the exact right coverage they need so they can stay compliant with our customers’ corporate requirements.

Connect with Evident

There are lots of ways for us to work together. Our flexible, scalable platform gives Brokers the following options to connect with our COI tracking and management solution.

Real-Time Requests

We'll send you a one-off COI request whenever we're verifying your Insured(s)' coverage, and you'll send us the corresponding COI data. Plain and simple.

Proactive Proof

You'll proactively share your Insureds' COI data with recurring file transfers, we'll send you regular alerts so we're not frequently contacting you for each request.

Automatic API

We'll connect our API to your agent management system to get a direct feed of insurance so we can automate the entire process. You'll never have to hear from us again!


Grow Your Business with Evident

  1. Service

    We’re making it easier for you to communicate your customers’ eligibility to do business with others. Our solution removes all the friction and guesswork from the COI request process, so it’s easier for you and your customers.

  2. Retention

    Evident helps your customers obtain the correct amount of coverage to meet specific corporate requirements, which means additional revenue opportunities within your current customer base.

  3. Acquisition

    Our One-Click Compliance program gives Brokers the opportunity to connect with new business prospects when they don’t have proper insurance coverage to meet our customers’ corporate requirements.

One-Click Compliance with Evident

Our Insurance Verification-as-a-Service solution gives you a better way to advise your Insureds and provide them with better service so you can get closer to your current customers while connecting with new policyholders.

Safer Data Exchange with Evident

Evident’s secure, privacy-first insurance verification platform is built with end-to-end encryption, making it safer and easier for Brokers to share their policyholders’ data with our customers.

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