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Business Verification Services

Verify 125M+ Globally

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Standard, step-up, and advanced investigative business verification

Available as part of our insurance verification solution, Evident helps organizations of all sizes and industries know with confidence that they’re dealing with a real business that’s properly registered by verifying business credentials, legal registrations, judgments, and other key data, including:

  • Business Registration Status

  • Watchlist Hits

  • Counts of Bankruptcy

  • Liens & Court Judgments

  • Business Identity Confidence Score

  • Business Owner Identity Verification

A faster, more secure way to verify businesses

Verifying businesses is imperative. It can help you avoid fraud, ensure trust and safety, and demonstrate regulatory compliance, but it’s a complicated, manual, and fragmented process. Evident is here to help.

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How It Works

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Customize Policy

Select the types of business verification results you need and manage your requests all through a single API.

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Initiate your business verification request with simple document scans and minimal data entry.

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Review customized business verification results based on authoritative data pulled from 6,500+ sources.

Reduce time and effort spent on manually verifying businesses

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Safely and securely verify 125M global business entities, all through a single API

How We're Different

Verify more than 125M businesses

Comprehensive Onboarding

Evident’s platform streamlines manual processes to help companies vet, contract, and onboard vendors, partners, and business customers without risking exposure to any personal data.

Indirect Verification

Evident's automated solution provides maximum protection and detection for platforms that screen businesses for their customers. Verify both direct and indirect vendors quickly to prevent fraud and ensure customer safety and satisfaction.

Better User Experience

Evident enables painless, frictionless, and secure data exchange to facilitate easy business verifications with the option to add step up and advanced verification for greater assurance.

Layered Security

With bank-grade, end-to-end encryption, Evident protects verified business data from a breach, and lets companies see as much or as little information as needed to make important decisions about an individual or business.

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