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See how Evident's insurance verification solution helped 5F-SuperHighway achieve significant growth



"5F-SuperHighway was created to take a complicated problem and do it faster, better, and more cost-effectively. One of the critical steps is verifying third-party insurance, and the solutions available couldn't keep up with our pace or our complexity."

Benjamin Angotti | Vice President, Finance


5F-SuperHighway is a new trucking platform on a mission to create more opportunities for drivers by addressing the low pay and inconsistent work opportunities causing drivers to flee the industry. By applying AI technology to predict shipping demand, 5F-SuperHighway empowers drivers to achieve higher earning potential with the ability to map out their work schedule and plan their own routes.

They needed a comprehensive verification tool that could quickly evaluate a range of different credentials like proof of insurance, criminal history, business registrations, and other risk signals. 5F-SuperHighway also needed a technology solution that could keep pace with their nimble operations and provide substantive reporting so they knew exactly which motor carriers and truck owners were compliant and which were falling short of the company’s standards.


Evident's verification solution removed 5F-SuperHighway's blind spots and freed them up to move more quickly so they could grow their business for the long-haul. Evident has been instrumental with helping 5F-SuperHighway determine their compliance criteria, and has yet to shy away from addressing the subtleties of their specific business needs as a pacemaker in the freight and logistics sharing economy.

Thanks to Evident's "one-stop shop" verification solution, 5F-SuperHighway increased their platform onboarding proficiency by nearly 50% in 3 months, enabling them to quickly and diligently grow their business to become serious competitors in the supply chain industry.

See how Evident's insurance verification solution helped 5F-SuperHighway achieve significant growth.

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