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The First End-to-End COI Verification & Insurance Fulfillment Solution

An award-winning solution
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The trusted leader in insurance verification

Ensure comprehensive COI compliance and risk mitigation across industries such as retail, lending, supply chain, marketplaces, construction, franchises, and more.

  • Save Time and Money

    Spend less time and resources collecting and verifying COIs, and more on optimizing your business.

  • Decrease Your Risk

    Avoid the risk and liability that naturally arises when working with third parties.

  • Modernize Your Business

    Digitize and automate your entire insurance verification process - from COI collection to fulfillment.

Company culture that's built to last

We believe in the power of innovation to fundamentally change the way businesses and individuals think about sharing personal data in order to reduce risk.
Our dedicated team is creating something with lasting value that will not only change the third party risk landscape, but optimize the way businesses and individuals interact now and in the future.

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We work hard, play hard, and take care of each other


We live and breathe security – it's in our DNA


300% YoY customer growth
20% YoY employee growth

Helping companies reduce their third-party risk and grow their business with COI verification.


David Thomas

Chief Executive Officer

Nathan Rowe

Chief Technology Officer

Dana Thomas

Chief Operations Officer

Board of Directors | Investors

Vanessa Larco

Partner, NEA

Todd Nightingale

CEO, Fastly

Lauren Kolodny

Partner, Aspect Ventures

Tom Hawkins

Managing Partner, Forté Ventures

Peter Sonsini

General Partner, NEA

Tom Noonan

TEN Ventures

Mike Potts

President & CEO, Webroot

Lane Bess

Frm CEO, Palo Alto Networks

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