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The Fastest Automated Identity Verification

Get the highest level of identity verification assurance in seconds with our 3D Liveness Detection. Never receive an “unknown” result, ease friction, reduce attrition, and improve conversions, saving you time, money, and resources. Available as part of our business credentialing solution.

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Simple. Accurate. Secure. Compliant.

Evident offers a holistically simplified approach to identity verification, providing the diligence and confidence that companies need to be compliant, while still giving them flexibility to scale and adjust as they grow or pivot.

Our mission is to make ID verification processes more efficient and secure. With the increasing need for identity verification services across various industries, it’s crucial to stay ahead of the curve. Our ID verification service is designed to meet your specific needs, ensuring the utmost security measures are in place.

  • Achieve the highest level of verification assurance with industry-leading Liveness Detection technology
  • Optimized user experience to maximize conversions, and reduce attrition
  • 99% of all verifications automated to reduce turnaround time

  • Achieve the highest level of verification assurance with industry-leading Liveness Detection technology

  • Optimized user experience to maximize conversions, and reduce attrition

  • Global coverage

  • Prevent fraud and minimize data exposure

  • Make hard verifications easy

How It Works

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Easily send verification requests to individuals, allowing them to scan and submit an ID document through their mobile device. Our advanced technology ensures that the ID verification process is quick and hassle-free.

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AI, 3D Liveness detection, machine learning, facial recognition, computer vision, and verification experts work together to verify the individual's identity. We leave no stone unturned to ensure the highest level of identity verification.

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Receive a summarized version of the verification data, eliminating your risk of exposure to sensitive personal information. We understand the importance of data security and are committed to safeguarding your customers' information.

Make your identity verification more effective, secure, and compliant

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The most comprehensive identity verification, all through a single API

How we're different

Holistic Approach

Evident uses 3D Liveness Detection to verify an individual’s identity, connecting the dots between an ID document and authoritative data to generate a 360° identity profile.

No "Unknowns"

Evident never returns an "Unknown" result, leveraging manual verification if necessary, to significantly reduce our customers' workload.

Compliance Protection

Evident helps you define your company policy upfront, and then determines whether your users meet the necessary criteria to participate. Our partnership with government agencies ensures that all verifications are aligned with regulatory requirements.

Layered Security

Evident's end-to-end encryption protects verified personal data from a breach and enables companies to see as much or as little data as they need. We understand the importance of maintaining the highest level of compliance and government-issued standards.

  • What kind of ID documents can Evident verify?

    Evident is a flexible identity verification solution designed to support a wide range of ID documents. While the specific document types it can verify may vary depending on the region and the services offered, Evident typically supports the verification of various government-issued identification documents, which include:

    1. Driver's Licenses: These are commonly used as primary forms of identification in many countries.
    2. Passports: An internationally recognized ID document used for travel and identification.
    3. National ID Cards: Government-issued identity cards that serve as a primary identification

  • How does Evident’s 3D Liveness Detection work?

    Evident's 3D Liveness Detection is an advanced technology designed to enhance the security and accuracy of identity verification by ensuring that the person being verified is physically present and not using a static image or video. Here's a simplified overview of how Evident's 3D Liveness Detection typically works:
    Capture the User's Image: When a user is requested to verify their identity, they are prompted to capture a live image of themselves using their mobile device's camera.
    Analysis of Facial Movements: Evident's 3D Liveness Detection technology analyzes the facial movements of the user in real-time. It assesses various factors, including blinking, smiling, head movements, and other facial expressions.
    Depth Perception: The system uses advanced computer vision and machine learning algorithms to create a 3D map of the user's face. This provides depth perception and helps detect whether the face is three-dimensional or just a flat image.
    Comparison with Reference Data: Evident's technology compares the user's real-time facial data and movements with reference data, which may include a previously captured image or video. If the system detects significant differences or discrepancies between the live facial data and the reference data, it can indicate that a static image or video is being used.
    Liveness Check: The system assesses the liveness of the user by determining if the facial movements and depth perception are consistent with a live person. If the system is confident that the user is physically present and engaging in real-time facial movements, the liveness check is successful.
    Results: Based on the results of the 3D Liveness Detection, Evident's system can determine whether the user's identity verification is successful and whether they are a real, live person.

    The key benefit of 3D Liveness Detection is that it helps prevent fraud by detecting and rejecting attempts to use static images, videos, or other non-live methods to spoof the identity verification process. It enhances the security and reliability of identity verification for various applications, such as onboarding new customers, accessing online services, or conducting financial transactions.

  • How will Evident's approach to identity verification help my business?

    Evident's approach to identity verification can provide several benefits to your business, enhancing security, efficiency, and user experience. Here are some ways in which Evident's identity verification solutions can help your business:
    Enhanced Security
    Evident's technology, including 3D Liveness Detection, helps to prevent identity fraud and unauthorized access
    By verifying the authenticity of customer identities, you can reduce the risk of fraudulent activities, account takeovers, and data breaches.
    Compliance Assurance
    Evident's services can assist your business in complying with industry regulations and government requirements for identity verification.
    This helps you avoid potential legal and financial penalties associated with non-compliance.
    Efficiency and Automation
    Evident offers automated identity verification processes, reducing the need for manual verification and human intervention.
    Automation can speed up the onboarding process for new customers and improve operational efficiency.
    Global Coverage:
    Evident's services offer global coverage, allowing you to verify customer identities from various regions and markets.
    This is particularly valuable if your business operates internationally.
    Customization and Scalability:
    Evident's solutions can be customized to fit your specific business needs and can scale as your business grows.
    Reduced Fraud and Financial Losses:
    By identifying fraudulent attempts at identity verification, Evident's solutions can save your business from financial losses and reputational damage.
    Cost Savings:
    Automated verification and reduced manual work can lead to cost savings for your business, as it reduces the need for additional personnel and resources.

    Evident's approach to identity verification is tailored to meet the demands of modern businesses, offering a balance between enhanced security and a seamless customer experience. The specific benefits you'll gain from Evident's solutions may vary depending on your business's unique needs and industry, but the overarching goal is to protect your customers and your business while facilitating smooth and efficient processes.

  • What security measures are in place with Evident’s Identity Verification Solution?

    The security measures in place with the Ultimate Identity Verification Solution by Evident are designed to safeguard sensitive personal information, prevent fraud, and ensure compliance with regulatory requirements. While the specific security measures may vary depending on the service package and client needs, here are some common security features and practices you can expect with an advanced identity verification solution like Evident's:
    End-to-End Encryption: Evident typically employs robust encryption protocols to secure the transmission and storage of customer data. This ensures that sensitive information is protected from unauthorized access.
    Secure Data Handling: Evident follows best practices for data protection, including secure storage, access control, and data retention policies to minimize the risk of data breaches.
    Compliance with Regulations: Evident's solutions are designed to help clients comply with various regulatory requirements, such as GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) in Europe or industry-specific regulations like the financial sector's KYC and AML requirements.
    Access Control: Access to sensitive customer data is restricted to authorized personnel only. Evident implements strict access control measures to prevent unauthorized access.
    Liveness Detection: Advanced technologies, such as 3D Liveness Detection, are used to ensure that the person undergoing identity verification is physically present and not using static images or videos to spoof the system.
    Fraud Detection and Prevention: Evident's solutions often include fraud detection algorithms and machine learning to identify and prevent fraudulent attempts at identity verification.
    User Consent and Transparency: Evident typically places a strong emphasis on obtaining user consent and providing transparency regarding how customer data is collected, processed, and stored.
    Data Privacy Best Practices: Evident is known for implementing industry best practices for data privacy and security, including regular security audits and vulnerability assessments.
    Audit Trails: Comprehensive audit trails and logs are often maintained to track who accessed customer data and when to ensure accountability and traceability.
    Secure System Integration: Evident's solutions can securely integrate with client systems, ensuring that data exchange is encrypted and protected during transmission.
    Ongoing Security Updates: Evident continuously monitors and updates its security measures to address emerging threats and vulnerabilities.

    It's important to note that the specific security measures may vary depending on the service package and the client's industry. Clients may also have the option to customize certain security features to meet their specific requirements. To get the most up-to-date and comprehensive information on the security measures in place with Evident's Ultimate Identity Verification Solution, it's advisable to contact Evident directly or refer to their official documentation.

  • What checks are performed in the Evident real-time verification process?

    Evident's real-time verification process typically involves a series of checks and assessments to confirm the authenticity of an individual's identity. The specific checks and assessments may vary based on the client's needs and the service package chosen. However, here are some common checks that are often part of Evident's real-time verification process:
    Document Verification: Evident may perform a comprehensive check of the identity document provided by the individual, such as a driver's license, passport, or ID card. This check includes examining the document's security features, comparing the document image to the individual's live image, and verifying the document's validity.
    Biometric Authentication: Evident often employs biometric checks, such as facial recognition and fingerprint matching, to verify that the individual's biometric data matches the data on the identity document and is consistent with the live image.
    Liveness Detection: Evident's real-time verification may include liveness detection checks to ensure that the individual is physically present during the verification process. This can include detecting facial movements, blinking, and other signs of liveness to prevent the use of static images.
    Identity Document Data Extraction: Evident may extract data from the identity document, such as name, date of birth, and document number, and compare it to the information provided by the individual during the verification process.
    Watchlist and Sanctions Checks: Evident's system can check the individual against various watchlists and sanctions lists to identify individuals with adverse records or who are prohibited from certain activities.
    User Consent and Data Handling: Evident often includes checks to ensure that the individual has consented to the verification process and that their data is handled in compliance with privacy regulations.
    Verification Experts: In some cases, Evident may involve verification experts who manually review the verification results to ensure accuracy and make informed decisions.

    The combination of these checks is designed to provide a comprehensive and reliable assessment of an individual's identity in real-time. Evident's approach is aimed at enhancing security, preventing identity fraud, and ensuring compliance with industry and regulatory standards. For detailed information on the specific checks and features included in Evident's real-time verification process, it is advisable to contact Evident directly or refer to their official documentation.

  • What advantages does Evident provide over other identity verification providers?

    Evident offers several advantages over other identity verification providers, making it a compelling choice for businesses and organizations seeking robust identity verification solutions. Some of the advantages of Evident include:
    Comprehensive Identity Verification: Evident's solutions often include a range of identity verification methods, such as document verification, biometric checks, liveness detection, and watchlist screenings. This comprehensive approach helps ensure that customer identities are thoroughly and accurately verified.
    Liveness Detection Technology: Evident's advanced 3D Liveness Detection technology sets it apart from many competitors. It enhances security by confirming that the individual is physically present and not using static images or videos for verification.
    Real-Time Verification: Evident typically offers real-time verification, allowing businesses to quickly verify customer identities, which is essential for various applications, including onboarding new customers and facilitating secure transactions.
    Customization and Scalability: Evident's solutions are often highly customizable and scalable, enabling businesses to adapt the verification process to their specific needs and growth plans.
    Global Coverage: Evident typically provides global coverage, making it suitable for businesses with international operations or a diverse customer base.

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