#1 Certificate of Insurance (COI) Tracking Software

EvidentID’s COI Tracking and Insurance Verification platform simplifies the process of managing and verifying Certificates of Insurance (COIs) so that your business remains compliant and protected against third-party risks. 

We are the tool that risk managers choose to automate COI tracking, verification, and management, offering peace of mind in your compliance efforts.

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Automated COI Tracking And Verification

Leverage our unique and advanced technology to automate your tracking and verification of Certificates of Insurance. EvidentID’s platform ensures that your COIs are up-to-date and compliant with industry standards, reducing your manual workload and helping to streamline your operations.

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AI-Powered Risk Decisioning for Hassle-Free Compliance

We’ve revolutionized the way risk managers and their business partners access vital information, enabling streamlined processes and enhancing the efficiency of insurance compliance.

Gain a competitive advantage by accessing real-time data to efficiently detect potential risks and emerging threats.

Feature Highlights:

  • Meet Evie: Your AI-Powered Insurance Compliance Assistant
  • Automated Audits
  • Single Compliance Hub
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Centralized Compliance: Track Requests and Expirations with Ease

Knowledge is power. That’s why understanding where risk lies and making informed decisions is the secret to your risk success.

Feature Highlights:

  • Benchmarking data to compare against peers in your industry
  • One-Click compliance tracking
  • Notifications when requirements are not met

Accelerate Business Decisions with Advanced COI Tracking Technology

As the gap widens between your insurance coverage and your potential out-of-pocket expenses, your financial stability faces growing threats.

Evident confronts this challenge head-on by integrating legal and risk management teams with cutting-edge AI technology and comprehensive benchmark data. Our platform not only simplifies the COI tracking and verification process but also gives you a greater capacity for making informed risk management decisions.

By offering a unique blend of automation, ease of use, and precise features designed for your industry, EvidentID stands apart, ensuring your business is equipped with top-tier Certificate of Insurance Tracking and Verification capabilities.

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Benchmark Report on Third-Party Insurance Coverage

Download Evident’s research report about third-party insurance verification and risk management to see statistical benchmarks and analysis, plus a step-by-step guide to help businesses reduce risk, save money, and demonstrate compliance!
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Why is COI Management Crucial for Risk Management and Compliance?

Effective COI tracking plays a pivotal role in lowering risk and keeping your organization compliant, no matter the industry.

By accurately tracking and verifying COIs, your business builds a safeguard against inadequate coverage, prevents potential legal liability, and maintains adherence to regulatory requirements.

EvidentID’s COI tracking software provides a comprehensive solution for managing this critical aspect of risk management efficiently and giving you the peace of mind you need.

Construction and Real Estate

Simplify the complex process of managing subcontractor and property insurance documents, ensuring every project and property is fully compliant and protected against potential liabilities.

Franchises and Retail

Enhance brand protection and reduce franchisee or vendor-related risks with comprehensive COI tracking, ensuring all parties meet your insurance requirements

Transportation and Manufacturing

Secure your supply chain and manufacturing operations by verifying and tracking COIs, safeguarding against disruptions, and ensuring compliance with industry regulations.

Commercial Lending and Financial Services

Streamline the verification of borrower insurance coverage, accelerating loan processing while adhering to lending standards and reducing financial risk.

Insurance Carriers

COI tracking software simplifies policy management, ensuring adherence to compliance standards. Additionally, it automates the process of verifying COIs, so you always have real-time updates on the status of coverage.

Government and more

For our public sector entities, our platform supports any organization’s need for rigorous insurance verification and compliance tracking, ensuring that contractors, vendors, and partners are adequately insured.

Optimize Compliance with AI-Driven COI Tracking for Global Businesses

Revolutionizing COI Management with AI and Automation

EvidentID is at the forefront of COI management, blending sophisticated automation with AI’s sharp insights for a superior tracking and verification approach. Our platform isn’t just about monitoring documents; it’s about leveraging AI to transform them into a wellspring of actionable intelligence. This blend of technology ensures your compliance management is both efficient and precise, simplifying the COI process with an accuracy that’s second to none.

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Worldwide Support with Multilingual Capabilities

In today’s global marketplace, EvidentID stands as a bridge across languages and cultures. Our platform’s multilingual support and global reach make managing COIs effortless, regardless of where your business operates. Imagine a system that communicates as fluently with your international partners as you do, ensuring compliance and risk mitigation are maintained across continents. With EvidentID, global COI management is not just possible; it’s a seamless reality.

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Seamless Integration into Your Existing Workflows

Adopting automated COI tracking with EvidentID means enhancing your current systems, not overhauling them. Our platform is crafted to integrate smoothly with your business’s existing infrastructure, preserving workflow continuity and enhancing compliance management without disruption. It’s about making your operations more efficient and compliant, effortlessly fitting into your business like a piece of a well-oiled machine.

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Customized COI Solutions Across Industries

EvidentID recognizes the diverse challenges across industries, offering not just solutions but partnerships tailored to your specific sector’s needs. Whether you’re in construction, healthcare, retail, or manufacturing, our platform adapts to meet and foresee your compliance and risk management requirements. It’s this dedication to customization that prepares your business for whatever lies ahead, ensuring not just survival but success in your industry’s unique landscape.

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