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Industries we serve

Companies across industries face the same challenges, so we are here to serve them by bringing confidence and peace of mind to every personal data interaction.

Sharing Economy

Offer a wide range of verifications, from insurance to professional licenses and certifications, providing a higher level of specialization.

Online Marketplace & Hospitality

Enable people to rent short-term lodging and enjoy vacation experiences around the world with even more confidence.


Ensure you have qualified individuals meeting customers’ requirements -- from criminal history to employment and education history.


Verify the qualifications of individuals, handling any or all Personally Identifiable Information (PII) during and after the on-boarding process.


Validate and identify shoppers to help prevent fraud and provide a personalized, streamlined experience.

Financial Institutions

Authenticate and evaluate customers applying for loans, credit cards, and more, through regulatory compliance with KYC and AML.


Review criminal history, driving record, and CPR or First Aid certifications to care for what matters most

Transportation & Delivery

Confirm drivers have valid licenses, clean driving records and meet insurance requirements.

Home Services

Verify identity, licenses, and professional credentials quickly and securely.


Ensure workers have valid credentials and licenses including CNA, RN and Medical Technicians.

News and Resources

Comprehensive, accurate verifications without the risk