Automate 1000’s of Certificates of Insurance a Year

Less than 24-hour compliance turnaround for COI Verification with Evident

The Evident Network

The Evident Network goes beyond just verifying vendors; by relying on our data-backed insights, you can stay ahead of the curve, avoid unnecessary costs, and ensure you’re adequately covered.

  • Get access to data-driven benchmarks to help show where your risk gaps are compared to your peers.
  • Make risk decisions faster and more accurately with access to over 4 million members.

Trusted by the Best

End-to-End COI Management Automation

Evident helps reduce your insurance risk by automating your COI management. Our AI-powered software can analyze Certificates of Insurance (COIs) in under 24 hours and ensures your vendors actually meet your compliance standards in just a click.

Automate COI Verification Process by 90%

Say goodbye to manually tracking certificates of insurance (COIs, ACORDs).

  • Rich follow-up workflow, so you no longer have to spend time chasing after COIs
  • Allows you to focus on more important things like reducing risk

Increase Compliance Rates by 20%

Being blind to your business’ risk could lead to costly claims and lawsuits. With Evident you can get:

  • Peace of mind that all coverage requirements are being met for optimal protection
  • Effective COI management automation
  • Lightening fast COI Verification to ensure your vendors are actually compliant

4 Million Strong in The Evident Network

Seamlessly connect to a robust database of enterprises, brokers, carriers, and third parties for effortless risk management.

  • Eliminating the hassle of back-and-forth communication
  • Work in one simple system
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< 24 Hour Verifications

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140+ Countries

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65+ Languages

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Advanced AI

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