Reduce Third-Party Risk With Automated Insurance Verification & Fulfillment

Meet the most comprehensive, dynamic, and intuitive insurance verification solution that measures your business’ overall risk, not just your compliance.


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Insurance Verification

The trusted leader in insurance verification.

Evident makes it easier for businesses to reduce their third-party risk and improve compliance rates with our automated insurance verification solution.


  • Deep Visibility

    Measures coverage and exclusions to determine real risk, not just compliance.

  • Automation

    100% automated out-of-the-box COI tracking & management solution.

  • Getting to “Yes”

    Anticipates policy changes or renewals and offers insurance options.

  • Optimization

    Reduces risk, overlaps, and excesses, and drives efficiency to minimize expenses.

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Comprehensive, accurate insurance verification without the risk


Did you know that

75% of third parties are not meeting the insurance requirements established by companies

Source: Evident customer data

At least 1 in 10 third-party vendors falls out of insurance compliance without notifying the company that hires them

Source: Evident customer data

23% of third-party vendors do not respond at all to companies' requests for proof of insurance

Source: Evident customer data

The most comprehensive insurance verification solution available

Evident’s Insurance Verification is a software-as-a-service solution that ensures third-party compliance with corporate insurance requirements, and supports risk mitigation efforts across multiple industries, including: franchise, retail, manufacturing, government, transportation, supply chain & logistics providers, commercial lending, and more.


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Feature Spotlight

Evident ROI Calculator

This free calculator simulates the potential return on investment that your company could realize by using our technology-based insurance verification solution to vet and retain your vendors and other third-party partners. Simply answer a few questions and fill out a form to see how much money your company could be saving with Evident!


The State of Third-Party Insurance Verification

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Blind In The Marketplace: How Vendors and Suppliers Expose Enterprises to Risk

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