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Identity is everywhere, and it’s challenging to implement.
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A trusted leader in identity and credential verification.

Evident gives businesses a better way to access the data they need to make important decisions without the risk and liability of holding it.

Grow Your Business Faster

Hire and onboard verified workers in less time with a seamless user experience.

Decrease Your Risk

Access only the information you need and avoid liability for holding personal data.

Save Time and Money

Spend less time and resources protecting data, and more on growing your business.

See for yourself

Comprehensive, accurate verifications without the risk

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A revolutionary verification experience

Start quickly, scale easily

Validate thousands of identity and credential verifications with one API.

Data you can trust

Obtain accurate data verified by thousands of authoritative sources.

Eliminate exposure to personal information

Never handle or hold personal data, decreasing cost, risk and liability.

Built for compliance

Easily adapt and adhere to privacy requirements and regulations.

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How it works

Our simple, secure API allows you to integrate easily, so you can get started quickly.

  1. Create Request

    Set up and start the verification process in minutes.

  2. Initiate Verification

    Simply select the verification you want and submit.

  3. View Results

    View the results in one single dashboard without ever having to hold or manage the data.

Feature Spotlight

Introducing Liveness Detection for the Most Automated Identity Verification Solution

New 3D Liveness Detection feature makes Evident the fastest, most comprehensive identity verification solution available. Standing on the shoulders of Evident’s continued investment in artificial intelligence technologies like machine learning and computer vision, the platform can now verify an individual’s identity by capturing a 3D facial biometric video to determine whether they’re a living person who is present at the time of transaction, and not a bad actor or bot.

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In The Press

Evident raises $20 million to verify users’ credentials and identities

So how’s a company to know whether an online customer or employee is who they say they are? This perennial problem inspired Motorola Solutions veterans Damian Starosielsky, David Thomas, and Nathan Rowe to found Evident.

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GDPR and the Transparency Revolution

It’s been 1 year since GDPR went into effect, and in that time, the regulation has driven a great deal of meaningful conversations around consumer privacy and enterprise data management policies.

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One of Atlanta's fastest-growing companies raises $20M, plans to triple workforce

Evident ID Inc., one of metro Atlanta's 10 fastest-growing companies, is poised for major change after securing $20 million in Series B financing.

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Comprehensive, accurate verifications without the risk.