Internet, Meet Authenticity

“91% of adults agree that consumers have lost control of how personal information is collected and used by companies.”

– Pew Research

“89% of Sharing Economy participants say that the success of the transaction is based on trust between providers and users.”

– Price Waterhouse Coopers

“There is a need for a concerted and coordinated effort to build a truly transformational digital identity system.”

– World Economic Forum

Trust Between Strangers

Evident adds authenticity to the Internet. We simplify the complicated world of personal data and security giving companies the ability to embark on trusted interactions and transactions like never before. Evident provides a simple and secure API to allow enterprises to obtain and use verified personal data from individuals, without the risk and expense of securing it.

With Evident, companies can offer more sophisticated services that require stringent identity verification, background checks and proof of important licenses or credentials. Evident eliminates the need to collect sensitive information, helping avoid abandonment and minimizing exposure to cybersecurity threats. Companies can simplify compliance with regulatory requirements and save time and money ensuring secure and authentic interactions.

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7 Challenges of Online Identity Verification



Get Verified, Personal Data Without the Risk

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The Team

We handle all the tough cyber security stuff so you can make things happen online.

Al Brzeczko
InfoSec. Cloud computing. Espresso enthusiast.
Damian Starosielsky
Algorithms. Solving hard problems. Lego fan.
David Mallis
Customer Advocate. Family. Yoga. Mountain biking.
David Thomas
Building great companies. Dogs. Photography.
Geetanjali Mirani
Integrated digital marketing. Books. Pop Culture. Travel.
K Gendo
Mobile Applications. Dogs. Brewing. Games.
Nathan Rowe
Cybersecurity. Product leader. Cyclist. Father.
Tyler Allen
Software developer. Problem solver. Robot builder.


Evident is home to big thinkers, hard workers, inventors, creatives, and masters of the grill!
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We are looking for highly capable, highly motivated individuals that want to be challenged and thrive on tackling big opportunities. Join us to make a big impact as part of a nimble team that is unlocking the full potential of the internet and establishing trust between strangers.

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