Evident’s COI Platform Quick Intro

June 7, 2023

Welcome to Evident! With Evident you can quickly analyze Certificates of Insurance to ensure your third-party vendors actually meet your compliance standards in a matter of seconds.

Evident was designed with simplicity in mind. On the dashboard, you can quickly identify:

  1. Compliant COIs expiring in more than 30 days
  2. Compliant COIs expiring in 30 days
  3. Non Compliant COIs
  4. Pending and new

Then underneath you have a database of subcontractors where it highlights

  1. Expiration date
  2. Compliance status which could either be non-compliant, compliant, or pending

The verification stage gives a 1,000-foot view of where they are at. Whether they are in no response, action review, if they have replied, and completed.

When you click on the vendor you can see instantly if the vendor is compliant or non-compliant. Using technology and data we are able to drill down and see exactly where they aren’t compliant. Here you can grant an exception with a click.

To get this all set up we need to configure the decisioning criteria. You can set up an unlimited amount of groups to allow for variance in requirements across your vendor network.

Within each group, you can customize the coverage types and criteria required.

Next up, is the customized, programmatic emails where you can put your branding so it looks like it is coming from you.

Evident’s capabilities around verifying, automating, and reducing third-party risk enable enterprises to be more efficient, secure, and compliant.

Evident provides the best visibility into your third-party network while improving overall compliance. Find out why more than 1000s of users and the world’s largest organizations rely on Evident. Schedule your demo today


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