Reduce Third Party Risk with
Automated Insurance Verification

Meet the most comprehensive, dynamic insurance verification solution that measures your organization's overall risk, not just your compliance

Insurance Verification and Management, Reinvented

Evident is reinventing risk compliance management. We don’t just collect COIs… we digitize them, analyzing policy data against your requirements to provide deep visibility into your risk and exposure.

We automate the entire COI process – from collection, verification and analysis, to decisioning, storage, and monitoring – to remove the burden of managing your third-party compliance.

  1. Out-of-the-box third-party risk management solution
  2. High-tech, secure platform extracts and digitizes all COI types
  3. Authoritative verification and monitoring to detect changes
  4. Automated risk decisioning against your insurance requirements
  5. Provides Insureds with easy access to the exact right coverage
  6. Comprehensive, highly accurate view of third-party risk

How We're Different

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Deep Visibility

Digitization and extraction of all COI and policy elements, including exclusions, enabling complete transparency and exposure analysis.

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End-to-end platform automation that includes: COI collection, verification, analysis, decisioning, storage, and continuous monitoring.

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Getting to "Yes"

Workflows that handle exceptions, reduce administrative effort, and increase conversion for Insureds, including providing insurance fulfillment options.

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Optimize Risk & Spend

Integrated guidance from insurance industry partners creates actionable reports to eliminate redundancies, optimize premiums, and reduce overall cost.

See how Evident is solving the hardest part of insurance verification by communicating directly with third parties that don't meet corporate requirements and converting them into happy, compliant participants.

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Featured Industries

With the most comprehensive solution for ensuring and maintaining insurance compliance,
Evident's Insurance Verification is applicable to a wide range of industries.

Group 17


Franchisors rely on Evident to provide deep visibility across compliance programs; automation of collection, storage, analysis, and re-verification of COIs; and integrated fulfillment.


Evident Insurance Verification makes it easier for retailers to trust that their third-party partners have the right types of insurance coverage to maintain compliance and avoid unnecessary claims.

Commercial Lending

Commercial lenders are always looking for new ways to modernize their programs, which is why they trust Evident to automate and digitize their borrowers' insurance verification processes.


Evident helps enterprises of all industries - from hospitality and construction, to staffing and brokers - modernize their COI tracking and management programs to mitigate risk and demonstrate compliance.

Case Study

See how one of the world's largest convenience store brands uses Evident to verify franchisees' COIs by automating requests, re-verifications, and decisioning to ease the burden of verifying coverage and reduce their exposure to risk.

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