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Confidence starts with accurate information

Evident's Identity Assurance Platform gives you the power to verify anything, ensuring potential customers, vendors or users meet your requirements now and in the future.

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Expansive Verification Network

Access to hundreds of direct data sources and thousands of verification types in one simple dashboard.

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Multi-level Identity Proofing

Verify users with a range of identification options giving you the flexibility to choose what's best for your business.

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Automated Policy Evaluations

Evaluate policies automatically based on business rules that you set up, saving time and money.

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Data Subscriptions

Continual access to the most up to date information ensures users meet and maintain requirements.

Verifications, credentials and licenses you can believe in

Choose from our growing list of verification services

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Validate everything from name, age, gender and more.

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Criminal History & Watch Lists

Access to county, state, or federal criminal records, as well as sex offender and terrorist watch lists.

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Financial Records

Search past and present financial records and activity.

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Driver's Check

Know the current state as well as Motor Vehicle Record of a commercial or personal driver's license.

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Professional Licenses

Verify the validity and status of professional licenses including doctors, lawyers, and more.

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Education & Employment

Confirm educational credentials and employment history.

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Validate broad certifications such as CPR or specific vocation based credentials including construction and healthcare.

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Address Verifications

Look up current and previous residences to validate identity.

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Background Checks

Search comprehensive records of criminal, commercial, and financial activity.

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Drug Test & Medical Records

Review a wide variety of records from medical history to drug testing.

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Flight & Watercraft Licenses

Ensure that an individual has the proper licenses whether conducting business on water and in the air.

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Business Entity

Verify business credentials, with information on the profile, legal registration, judgments, liens etc.

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Soft Skills

Access to soft skills profiles and measurement including an assessment of customer service, independence, and teamwork.

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Verify the current and past possession of assets from property ownership to vehicle records, bankruptcy and more.

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Validate an individual's insurance status across auto, general, marine and contractor's to name a few.

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