COI Management for Franchisors

End-to-end insurance verification and fulfillment solution to drive risk visibility and conversion

Understanding Real Insurance Risk for Franchisors

Most franchise operators spend a lot of time and effort managing insurance compliance, but even the most successful franchisors have little idea exactly how compliant they actually are. They might know approximately how many of their franchisees have COIs on file, but they rarely understand if all requested coverage types are present, if coverage values meet their requirements, or the risk from exclusions.

At Evident, we believe that just because insurance is hundreds of years old doesn’t mean the technology and processes to manage it need to be as well. That’s why we’ve reinvented risk compliance management.

Franchisors have turned to Evident because we provide efficient insurance verification and monitoring that reduces administrative costs and streamlines onboarding processes. Evident also works closely with our partner Marsh to provide non-compliant franchisees with insurance that meets corporate standards, ultimately making it much easier to get to "yes" so you and your franchisees are covered.

Learn more about how franchises can mitigate insurance risks and reduce administrative burdens.

How We're Different

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Deep Visibility

Evident doesn't just store COIs - we digitize all COI and policy elements so we can provide complete analysis of your exposure.

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Evident automates all aspects of the process - including collection, verification, analysis, decisioning, storage, and monitoring of franchisee COIs and policies.

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Getting to "Yes"

Our workflows handle the tough stuff - we tackle the exceptions and even offer fulfillment to fill gaps in coverage, ensuring that more of your franchisees are active and up-to-date, as well as vastly reducing your administration effort.

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Optimize Risk/Spend

Evident integrates guidance from insurance industry partners into actionable reports that eliminate redundant coverage and optimize premiums to reduce overall cost for you and your franchisees.

Case Study

See how one of the world's largest convenience store brands uses Evident to verify franchisees' COIs by automating requests, re-verifications, and decisioning to ease the burden of verifying coverage and reduce their exposure to risk.

How It Works

• Build out your policy requirements (coverage types, amounts, exceptions)

• Load your franchisees

• Digitize COI data elements

• Review granular, accurate, searchable, real-time COI data view

• Deploy rules-based compliance evaluation with our decision engine

• Provide coverage options to help fulfill company requirements when needed

• Monitor compliance status and report on changes

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