Franchise COI Verification and Insurance Fulfillment

End-to-end insurance compliance to help franchises mitigate risk and reduce their workload

Insurance is critical for franchise owners.

If your franchisees are well-covered, your risk is manageable. If not, you’re exposed. Having poor insurance can ultimately lead to substantial financial pain if a policy doesn’t adequately cover your business in an unforeseen event.

Evident provides efficient insurance verification and monitoring that reduces administrative costs and streamlines onboarding processes. Evident also works closely with our partner Marsh in order to provide non-compliant franchisees with insurance that meets corporate standards, ultimately making it much easier to get franchises covered.

How We Are Different

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End-to-End Compliance

Consolidate and access coverage in an easy-to-use dashboard. Report real-time compliance status for every insured.

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Flexible Configuration

Create your own coverage criteria to meet your risk profile. Verify multiple insurance types, coverage levels, and tailor rules by group.

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Continuous Monitoring

Generate your own branded email requests with automatic reminders. Automatically submit re-verification requests ahead of coverage expiration.

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Support for Insureds

Enable insureds to upload COIs via desktop or mobile devices with ease. Provide Marsh-backed coverage options for insureds to access in case of non-compliance.

Case Study

See how one of the world’s largest convenience store brands uses Evident to ease the burden of verifying insurance and reduce exposure to risk. Evident verifies COIs and uses a customized solution to automate requests, reverifications, decisioning, and other important insurance information from franchise owners.

What You Get

Peace of mind that franchisees are in compliance with contractual requirements.

A customized program to define coverage types and pass/fail criteria that meet specific needs.

Digital insurance distribution with a seamless user experience.

Learn more about how franchises can mitigate insurance risks and reduce administrative burdens.

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