Verify Insurance Coverage
in Every Country

Validate Both Individual and Business Policies to Ensure Safety, Compliance

Simple. Accurate. Secure. Compliant.

Verify any insurance type to vet workers, employees, franchisees, vendors, and more. Evident pulls data from – and communicates directly with – a range of global insurance providers to ensure that individual and business insurance policies active, valid, and meets requirements.

  1. General Liability
  2. Professional Liability
  3. Commercial & Personal Auto
  4. Motorcycle & Other Vehicles (watercraft, aircraft, etc.)
  5. Automated Policy Evaluations
  6. Rich Set of Data Returns
  7. Rechecks for Ongoing Compliance

How It Works

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Choose your verification type from a set of insurance policy components to determine what would qualify or disqualify platform participation.

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Customize Output

Determine whether you want to see specific policy values or simply know if a policy is valid.

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Submit insurance verification request with minimal effort, and easily capture the necessary documents and data.

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Review or Subscribe

Receive one-time insurance verification results, or subscribe to insurance rechecks to ensure ongoing safety and compliance.

Reduce time and effort spent on manually validating insurance policies, demonstrate privacy compliance with encryption of verified insurance data, and properly verify all types of individual and business policies through a single, secure platform

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Featured Industries

With the most comprehensive solution for ensuring and maintaining insurance compliance,
Evident Insurance Solutions are appropriate for a wide variety of industries.

Group 17


Franchisors rely on Evident to provide wide visibility across your compliance program; automation of collection, storage, analysis, and reverification of COIs; and integrated fulfillment.

Group 19


Evident provides fast screening of COIs to ensure contractor compliance before they are on the job. Evident also re-verifies compliance to ensure no surprises interrupt business.

Group 18


Evident provides quick verification of COIs without manual collection and analysis.

Case Study

See how one of the world’s largest convenience store brands uses Evident to ease the burden of verifying insurance and reduce exposure to risk. Evident verifies COIs and uses a customized solution to automate requests, reverifications, decisioning, and other important insurance information from franchise owners.

How We're Different

Global Coverage

Evident’s verification specialist team is trained to identify insurance documents across 120 countries and in over 40 languages.

Continuous Monitoring

Subscribe to Evident’s monitoring services to conduct and review background checks on an ongoing basis, ensuring continuous safety and compliance.

Better User Experience

Evident enables painless, frictionless, and secure data exchange to facilitate seamless insurance verifications for businesses, while still providing rich, customized experiences for individuals.

Layered Security

With bank-grade, end-to-end encryption, Evident protects verified personal data from a breach and lets companies see as much or as little insurance data as they need.

Motor Vehicle Record Verifications

Select from up to 390 motor vehicle violations to customize policy, capture consent to demonstrate state-level compliance, and check MVR against data pulled directly from the Department of Motor Vehicles plus more.

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