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Verify More People Faster, with Less Friction and Risk

Identity verification should be hard at work in your organization. Use it to combat fraud, reduce onboarding friction, decrease churn, demonstrate regulatory compliance, and engage better, more qualified customers and employees.

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Simple. Accurate. Secure. Compliant.

Evident offers a holistically simplified approach to identity verification, providing the diligence and confidence that companies need to be compliant, while still giving them flexibility to scale and adjust as they grow or pivot.

  1. Streamline account creation and transaction approval
  2. Get a higher level of assurance without added friction
  3. Upgrade your assurance from outdated authentication methods
  4. Prevent fraud and minimize data exposure
  5. Make hard verifications easy

How It Works

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Easily send verification requests to individuals, allowing them to scan and submit an ID document through their mobile device

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AI, machine learning, facial recognition, computer vision, and verification experts work together to verify the individual's identity

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Receive a summarized version of the verification data, eliminating your risk of exposure to sensitive personal information

Make your identity verification more effective, secure, and compliant

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How we're different

Holistic Approach

Evident connects the dots between an ID document and authoritative data to generate a 360° identity profile.

No "Unknowns"

Evident never returns an "Unknown" result, leveraging manual verification if necessary, to significantly reduce our customers' workload.

Compliance Protection

Evident helps you define your company policy upfront, then determines whether your users meet the necessary criteria to participate.

Layered Security

Evident's end-to-end encryption protects verified personal data from a breach, and enables companies to see as much or as little data as they need.

The most comprehensive identity verification, all through a single API

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