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See how a Fortune 50 telecom business is using Evident to get their authorized dealer franchises compliant with corporate insurance requirements

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Authorized Dealers


A Fortune 50 telecom provider has a large and mature network of authorized dealers. Long-time dealers found the program to be excellent, and compliance with all the requirements was very high, but when the telecom company experienced a surge in dealer volume, however, they unfortunately saw a decrease in response rates to COI requests. The telecom business needed to modernize their program to increase efficiency and visibility so that they could focus on mitigating the financial risk within the dealer network.


With Evident's insurance verification solution, the telecom company was able to digitize each element of every COI they collected from their authorized dealers and automatically report against the data so they could authoritatively verify the insurance coverage against their policy requirements to identify gaps in coverage. Evident helped the Fortune 50 telecom business achieve material discounts on insurance premiums to the tune of 5%, and increased their compliance rates by 800% within the first 3 months of implementation.

See how Evident helped this Fortune 50 telecom business verify insurance coverage for their authorized dealers, improve compliance rates, and save money.

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