May Product Release: Supercharged Efficiency

May 23, 2023


Are you looking to step up your risk management game? Look no further than our May Product Release – a powerful update designed to supercharge your workflow efficiency and effectiveness. 

Our latest update offers cutting-edge features that simplify the process of managing risks, allowing professionals in the industry to stay ahead of the curve with minimal effort and stress. 

Check out all the great additions below and learn more about why this month’s product release is all about efficiency. 

The fastest COI verification turnaround time has gotten even faster! 

The May product release has enabled Evident’s COI verification process to be faster than ever. Previously, customers could expect COI verification results within 24 hours, but with these new updates, we have shortened the average time by 20%. 

For our customers, accuracy and fast processing time are critical factors that drive important business temperature changes and feelings of confidence around the vendors they invest in. This release allows ops agents processing the documents to be more focused on the fields that are actually important to the customer, which increases accuracy for the larger organization.

Integrated with Origami Risk 

Evident recently integrated with Origami Risk, a leading risk management software. This new integration allows Evident users to connect their risk management data and workflows directly with Evident’s AI-powered automation capabilities. 

Now, Evident can tap into critical risk insights and data from Origami Risk and leverage it to automate more steps in the risk management process. By combining AI with powerful risk software, teams can work more efficiently and gain valuable time back in their day to focus on key risk decisions and strategies.

Expanded Coverage Types and Criteria Support

We’ve made Evident even more configurable to mitigate the precise risk faced by your third parties. With updated Coverage Criteria shown whenever you add a new Coverage Type to include the most commonly used criteria, Evident gives you a better starting point when configuring your requirements. And you can now configure coverage criteria groups for coverage in China, enabling you to administer a global verification program.

With these improvements, you and your team can now mitigate the risks that really matter.

This May Product Release has given us more potent tools to help you, the risk manager, to do your job quicker and more accurately. Allowing you to quickly benefit from our product and enjoy a much higher degree of accuracy while cutting costs related to manual data entry.  

With these robust features, combined with rapidly advancing technology, we hope that this will greatly impact the operational efficiency of companies across the world.  

Providing you with the most up-to-date technology advancements, to make your work more accurate and less risk-averse. – which is what we’ve been striving for since day one! 

Now that you’ve seen how our product has improved with the May Product Release, why not see it in action? We invite you to schedule a demo here so that you can experience firsthand this leap forward in COI management.


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