Enterprise Account Recovery

Identity verification with industry-leading 3D Liveness Detection for frictionless self-service enterprise account recovery workflows

Streamline Workflows, Reduce Risk, Increase Security

Most cybersecurity experts believe that some form of identity verification should be included in every enterprise account recovery process that involves issuing and resetting credentials. Without it, there’s simply no way to know if a request came from the actual account owner or from a fraudster.

Evident’s identity verification solution uses 3D Liveness Detection for the highest level of assurance to streamline enterprise account recovery processes like password resets, reducing help desk calls and providing increased security.

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How It Works

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Work with Evident to integrate our identity verification platform into the back-end of your account recovery workflow.

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Capture requests automatically, with minimal data entry, and quickly verify employees' identities with 3D Liveness Detection to facilitate faster, frictionless credential resets, minimizing help desk calls.


Enterprises are notified once their employee's identity has been verified so they can automatically initiate account recovery by issuing new login credentials.

How It Works: Identity Verification for Enterprise Account Recovery

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