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Provide experienced, verified home services professionals your customers can trust

Connect customers to skilled, verified professionals

We help businesses verify identity, licenses, and professional credentials quickly and securely.

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Faster, easier onboarding

Engage and onboard professionals in less time.

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More active, verified professionals

Validate providers with the most accurate data, enabling more success on the platform sooner.

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Less risk and friction

Eliminate exposure to sensitive data while making everything simpler.

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Comprehensive, accurate verifications without the risk

Capabilities built for your business

Our Identity Assurance Platform allows you to seamlessly verify workers in less time and with more confidence.

  1. One simple dashboard

    All the answers you need collected and managed in one streamlined user experience.

  2. Multi-level identity proofing

    Verify professionals with a wide range of identity proofing levels and options.

  3. Data subscriptions

    Continual access to the most up-to-date information ensures workers meet and maintain requirements.

Key Verifications

Background Checks

Search comprehensive records of criminal, commercial, and financial activity.

Criminal History

Access to county, state, or federal criminal records, as well as sex offender and terrorist watch lists.


Validate broad certifications such as CPR or specific vocation-based credentials.

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Validate an individual's insurance status across auto, general, and contractor's.

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Comprehensive, accurate verifications without the risk