3 Evident Verification Features That Startup Developers Will Really Appreciate

May 31, 2018

Effective identity verification is no easy task for developers, especially those working in startups.

From vetting solutions to building compliant, scalable workflows, these technical experts often shoulder much of this work internally and create from the ground up. How else can they ensure verification is up to the standards of their growing organization?

At Evident, we understand the struggles that startup developers face when assessing, installing and maintaining identity verification technology. That is why our team created a simple solution centered on three core features meant to make developers’ lives easier.

1. Authoritative Sources of Data

Startup developers looking to roll out identity verification solutions will frequently find themselves courting multiple vendors and staring down an intensive, multistage integration process. And it usually doesn’t get easier from there. When developers decide to scale up their verification workflows, there will be more data sources to integrate and more software to update – not ideal for busy coders on overindexed startup development teams.

For this reason, we built authoritative sources into the fabric of our solution, allowing developers to access insightful data – certifications, licenses, criminal records and so much more – from a vast network of trustworthy sources, all with a single integration. Developers can also easily add new user attributes for verification whenever new industry regulations or new plans for the future call for them.

2. Simple User Experience

Modern consumers have little patience for user interfaces that are difficult to navigate or understand. These problems hurt any startup’s chances of getting completed registrations. When UX roadblocks materialize, far too many users give up and move on, which puts pressure on both product and the developer teams to create frictionless forms and submission experiences, something most do not always have the bandwidth or internal resources to prioritize.

The Evident Identity Assurance Platform has got UX development covered. Startups can leverage pre-built interfaces and API integration to create the ideal user experience and continue collecting the valuable information they need.

3. Progressive Data Subscriptions

Just because a startup capitalizes on the gig economy doesn’t mean it can slouch on updating its systems with the most recent verifications. For most developers, however, this means an increasing number of dedicated workers and development time spent manually querying new data sources and paying the accompanying fees. Anything less would put your customers, staff, and brand reputation at risk.

With Evident, startup developers can avoid this arduous, costly and risky task by leveraging our identity verification platform, which features up-to-date data subscriptions managed by third-party experts. In the event of an expired certification or a change to a driving record, developers and all other relevant startup leaders will receive alerts detailing the issue in full so they can act fast.

Together, these features empower startup developers, allowing them to develop and deploy scalable identity verification workflows that grow with the business and progress with market demand.

Connect with us today to learn more about our Identity Assurance Platform and how it has revolutionized how startups manage and verify data of all kinds. To start running verifications in minutes, sign up here.

David Thomas

David Thomas, CEO at Evident, is an accomplished cybersecurity entrepreneur. He has a history of introducing innovative technologies, establishing them in the market, and driving growth – with each early-stage company emerging as the market leader.

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