Identity and credential verifications with a simple API - Evident Verification

The Identity Assurance Platform built to bring confidence to every identity and credential verification.

More than just protecting personal data

We make it easier to share and manage data while reducing risk and friction.

Simplifying the way personal data is secured & shared.
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By getting you out of the middle of it.
Your Business + Evident Data Sources & Users

Identity and credential verifications simplified

You set the policy, we handle the complexity.

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Verification on your terms

Automatic applicant evaluations based on your business rules.

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Accurate, authoritative data

Connect to thousands of authoritative data sources and tens of thousands of verified data types.

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The most current information

Continually access the most up to date information to meet requirements now and in the future.

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Built for compliance

Helps you adjust and adhere to data protections from GDPR to KYC.

See for yourself

Comprehensive, accurate verifications without the risk

Easy as 1-2-3

Getting the verifications you need has never been easier

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Create a request

Build and manage all activity in one simple user experience.

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Select verifications

With access to a comprehensive library, you can customize the identity and credential verifications you need.

Get answers

All the answers you need without holding or handling sensitive information.

Customizable solutions that give you confidence in every personal data interaction

Connect to a comprehensive library of verifications, credentials and licenses that you can believe in.

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Identity Verification

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Background Checks

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Education & Employment

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Criminal History & Watch Lists

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Driver's Record Checks

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Professional Licenses

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Drug Tests & Medical Records

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Address Verifications

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Business Entity

Integration options to meet your needs

Simple means allowing you to start running verifications in no time.

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Immediate use

Get started in minutes with our web portal. No integration required.

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Full integration

Our API allows you to easily integrate and automate your verifications.

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Built with you and your customers in mind

Our simple, secure and powerful API allows you to offer more sophisticated services than thought possible. From stringent identity verifications, background checks, and even important credentials and licenses, we make the process seamless and requesting verifications incredibly easy, all in your software with the programming languages you already use.

The best security available

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    Better than bank grade security

    End to end cryptography, including cryptographic ACL’s, assures you that all data is protected.

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    Personal data management

    Prevent applications from accessing personal data without explicit access from the company administrator.

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    Limited disclosure

    Only access the information you need without ever handling personal sensitive data.

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    Multi-factor authentication

    The flexibility for you to choose the level of identity proofing that is right for your business.

Comprehensive, accurate verifications without the risk