Evident vs. TrustLayer

See why businesses choose Evident when it comes to certificate of insurance tracking and management. There are many important things to consider when it comes to choosing a solution that works best for your business to increase compliance and efficiency and mitigate risk.

Why Choose Evident Over TrustLayer?

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Simple Workflows

Eliminate complex paper-based workflows - verify vendors in a snap leveraging computer vision. With Evident you'll be able to change requirements for FREE, whenever you want.

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No "Unknowns"

Evident never returns an "Unknown" result, leveraging manual verification if necessary, to significantly reduce our customer's workload.

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Increased Productivity

myCOI leverages humans to manually check each COI which leads to slow processing times and is riddled with human errors. At Evident we use machine learning to accurately and quickly (less than 24 hours) process your COIs, so your team can focus on strategic initiatives.

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Compliance Protection

Evident helps you define your company policy upfront, then determines whether your users meet the necessary criteria to participate.

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Achieve third-party vendor compliance with Evident

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