the risk defiance zone

Welcome to The Risk Defiance Zone

1. Welcome...if you dare

There is a fifth dimension, beyond that which is known to man. It is a dimension as vast as space and as timeless as infinity. It is the middle ground between compliance and flexibility, between human intellect and AI, and it lies in a place between fear and knowledge. This is the dimension of ineffective risk management. It is an area that we call The Risk Defiance Zone.

2. What Happens When You Mix Late Nights and Too Many COIs

Portrait of a frightened man: Mr. Robert Wilson, thirty-seven, husband, father, and risk manager on sick leave. Mr. Wilson has spent the last six months recovering from a nervous breakdown from manually reviewing too many COIs, the onset of which took place on an evening not dissimilar to this one, at a desk similar to what you are sitting at. It is an area that we call The Risk Defiance Zone.

3. Having a “too good to be true” feeling about your next business venture?

Respectfully submitted for your perusal — a Kanamit. Height: a little over nine feet. Weight: in the neighborhood of three hundred and fifty pounds. Origin: unknown. Motives? To bring unverified businesses into earth causing havoc and financial ruin for corporations. This is The Risk Defiance Zone.

4. How To Find a Needle In a Haystack

Welcome to a Wintry February night, the present. Order of events: a phone call from a frightened woman notating the arrival of a criminal alien group but where did they go? You've heard of trying to find a needle in a haystack? Well, stay with us now, and you'll be part of an investigating team whose mission is not to find that proverbial needle, no, their task is even harder. They've got to find who the criminals are in a crowded diner, and in just a moment you'll search with them because you've just landed – in The Risk Defiance Zone.

5. The Tale of A Compliance Officer Suffering from Hearing Too Many Positive Reviews

This is Miss Liz Powell. She's a professional compliance officer and she's in the hospital as a result of overwork and nervous fatigue. And at this moment she has just finished a nightmare. In a moment she'll wake up and we'll remain at her side. The problem here is that both Miss Powell and you will reach a point where it might be difficult to decide which is reality and which is a nightmare, a problem uncommon perhaps but rather peculiar to The Risk Defiance Zone.

6. Welcome to True Risk Management

This is Evident, it is unlike any other compliance solution out there. It is a structure built with open AI technology, sweat, and insurance professionals. But don’t look too hard this tool has a secret that leads to a never-neverland, a place designed to reduce risk, automate your decisioning, and make your life easier. Welcome to true Risk Management.

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