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An efficient and automated solution

“Evident’s alerts let us know when any personal data changes occur. We know we’re providing the highest level of trust & safety to our community.”

Quinn Fordham | Founder CEO | First Steps Network

Providing safety to our customers

“Evident is enabling us to add trust to our platform by making it safer for the babysitters and even safer for the parents.”

Annie Kentris Arthur | CEO & Co-Founder | Juggle

Verifications you can trust

Choose from our growing list of 12500+ data attributes and credentials, from background checks to license verifications, so you can be confident in all of your personal data interactions.

It’s quick and easy!

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We handle the complexities so you don’t have to.

It’s simple, secure, and affordable.
Simplify your onboarding and maximize conversions all through a single API.
Here’s how it works:

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Set up and start the verification process.

Carry out verifications

Simply select the verification you want and submit.

View the results

View the results in one single dashboard.

Getting the verifications you need has never been easier.

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Data that is comprehensive, accurate, and up-to-date

Get the answers you need without the risk. Evident can verify more than 5.5 billion individuals and 250 million businesses in all 195 countries.

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How companies like yours use Evident

Evident serves companies across multiple industries that face the same verification challenges, providing confidence and peace of mind with every personal data interaction.

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