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Evident helps you:

  • Verify qualified workers, employees, contractors and customers in a safe and timely manner
  • Save time, money, resources, and frustration
  • Delight workers with an easy, seamless hiring process
  • Scale a growing business through faster onboarding
  • Quickly hire the best workers to stay ahead of the competition

An efficient and automated solution

"Evident enabled us to automate our verification processes, allowing us to to be more efficient. With Evident’s alerts that let us know when any personal data changes occur, we know we are providing the highest level of trust and safety to our community."

- Quinn Fordham | Founder & CEO | First Steps Network, LLC

Verifications are critical for businesses.

Here’s why:

Verifications you can trust

Automated verifications and background checks eliminate hiring frustrations for business administrators and operators. Through a single API, Evident makes it easier to onboard new employees efficiently, while limiting exposure to personal data.

It’s quick and easy!

Begin Verifying Now


Background Checks

Professional Licenses


Motor Vehicle Records

Criminal History & Watch Lists

First Aid & CPR Certifications

Many More

We handle the complexities so you don’t have to.

It’s simple, secure, and affordable.
Here’s how it works:

Create a Request

Register and start the verification process in minutes.

Select Verifications

Simply select the verification you want and submit.

View Results

All the answers you need in a single dashboard so you can hire quickly and confidently.

Getting the verifications you need has never been easier.

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How businesses like yours use Evident

Businesses need to hire the best and most reliable workers, or risk losing customers from one bad experience. Evident can help you onboard the right people faster.

We help businesses confidently verify workers, employees and customers with less risk and friction.

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