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COVID Health Status

Combining information from employees with data from authoritative healthcare sources to deliver real-time risk decisioning on employee status.

Protecting The Essential Workforce

As businesses contemplate how to protect essential workers and how to get more employees back to work, they’re finding limited guidance to help make these important decisions.

Solutions like widespread testing and vaccines are many months away, and companies with essential workers that are risking exposure every day need help right now.

There’s no perfect answer for protecting people from COVID exposure, yet. But Evident’s Health Status application gives you the most powerful tool for limiting exposure.

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Evident Health Status Benefits

Regularly Communicate with Employees

Give employees confidence that you are in constant communication to keep them safe.

Connect with Authoritative Data Sources

Obtain important facts from regularly updated healthcare professional sources to help make informed decisions.

Understand Risk & Take Action Quickly

Get a clear indication of risk based on company policies and easily integrate risk decisioning into company processes.

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The Only Privacy-first COVID Health Status Communications Platform

Evident provides companies with a better, more secure way to access the health data they need while protecting it with end-to-end encryption.

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