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COVID Health Status

Safely and privately monitor employee health status to reduce COVID-19 exposure, mitigate risk, and avoid liability.

Protect Your Employees

Evident’s Health Status app helps companies identify employee health risks, communicate openly and transparently, and take action when necessary so they can demonstrate compliance and avoid liability.

There’s no perfect answer for protecting people from COVID yet, but Evident’s Health Status solution gives you the most powerful tool for limiting exposure today.

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Evident Health Status Benefits

Communicate with Users

Regularly and privately communicate health information to protect anyone returning to work

Demonstrate Compliance

Keep immutable records of all data to demonstrate action, accountability, and compliance

Manage Risk and Liability

Get a clear indication of risk based on company policies to keep employees safe and avoid liability

Learn more about how Evident's Health Status app helps businesses return to work safely

The Only Privacy-First COVID Health Status Communications Platform

Workflow and Health Data Capture

COVID-specific dashboards and workflows to reduce administrative overhead.

Simple, secure data collection method and ability to view daily status.

Privacy and Compliance

Enables secure exchange of sensitive health data.

Limited disclosure and consent management addresses HIPAA, EEOC, and other privacy regulatory concerns.

Data and Analytics

Comprehensive data collection: daily survey, health records, wearables, temperature sensors, public health statistics.

Analytics and alerting to simplify decision-making for HR administrators.

Contact Tracing

Tools for HR administrators to manage risk of spread once known case of COVID is identified.

Simplified worker engagement and communication tools.

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