Construction License & Certification Verification

Verify licenses and certifications for contractors, builders, and other professionals.

Construction License & Certification Verification

Evident’s unique platform automatically verifies professional construction licenses and certifications, and can be optimized with identity and insurance verifications, criminal and MVR checks, and more, with optional continuous monitoring subscriptions to ensure ongoing safety and compliance.

  • 1,500+ Unique Licenses Across 125 Specialties
  • Automated Policy Evaluations
  • Rich Set of Data Returns
  • Continuous Monitoring Subscription
  • Single API

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How It Works

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Customize Policy

Configure policy by selecting which contractor licenses you need to verify, and manage all requests all through a single API.

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Initiate your construction license verification request with a simple document scan and minimal data entry.

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Automatically verify construction licenses against data pulled from more than 300 issuing authorities.

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Review or Subscribe

Receive one-time results, or subscribe to continuous monitoring to ensure ongoing safety and compliance.

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Verify 3,000+ License and Certification Types, Quickly and Safely

  • Properly vet all contiguous workers through a single, secure platform
  • Access to authoritative data pulled from more than 300 global licensing boards
  • Easy-to-understand, normalized license and certification results
  • Continuous monitoring subscriptions
  • Consolidate license verifications with identity, background checks, MVRs, and insurance verifications for a one-stop-shop

An efficient and automated solution

"Evident is doing a great job supporting my business. I'm very happy with the platform and also with their customer service––they're responsive, solution-oriented, and quick to turn around updates."

Hayley Johnson | Product Manager | Porch

Verifying professional licenses & certifications has never been easier.

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Evident ROI Calculator

This free calculator simulates the potential return on investment that your company could realize by using our technology-based insurance verification solution to vet and retain your vendors and other third-party partners. Simply answer a few questions and fill out a form to see how much money your company could be saving with Evident!

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