Verify 3,000+ Professional Licenses & Certifications

Easy-to-understand, normalized verification results

Hire the most qualified professionals with Evident.

Confidently verify more than 3,000 licenses and certifications against data pulled from over 300 licensing authorities.

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Simple. Accurate. Secure. Compliant.

Know, with confidence, that your employees are properly licensed or certified. Verify more than 3,000 license and certification types, including:

  1. United States

    Professional (Attorney, FAA Pilot, Motor Carrier, Security Guard, ServSafe, U.S. Coast Guard, etc.) Construction (Electrician, General Contracting, HVAC, Locksmith, Plumbing, etc.) and Health & Wellness (Nursing, Therapist, Veterinarian, CPR & First Aid Certifications, etc.)

  2. International

    Vehicular (Aircraft License, Watercraft License, Paragliding, Hang-gliding) and Safety (SCUBA Certification, Weapons)

How It Works

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Customize Policy

Configure policy by selecting which licenses you need to verify.

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Submit request with less friction, through simple document scans and minimal data entry.

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Automatically verify license status, and manage all requests through a single API.

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Review or Subscribe

Receive one-time results, or subscribe to ongoing verification for safety and compliance.

Reduce time and effort spent on manually verifying professional licenses and certifications

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Verify 3,000+ Professional License and Certification Types, Quickly and Safely

Reduce time and effort spent on manually verifying professional licenses and certifications.

How We're Different

Encrypted, normalized verification results with optional license status summarization (valid/invalid).

Fast Turnaround Time

Evident's platform can verify most licenses within minutes, depending on the speed of the authority and the type of verification needed.

Continuous Monitoring

Subscribe to Evident's monitoring services to verify and review professional licenses and certifications on an ongoing basis.

Better User Experience

Seamless, frictionless verification workflows that offer rich, customized experiences for individuals.

Layered Security

End-to-end encryption to protect verified data from a breach, and to let companies see as much or as little information as they need.

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