Manage Risk and Demonstrate Compliance with our Integrated Background Check Solution

Simplify onboarding and registration processes, ensure diligence necessary to comply with FCRA requirements, flexibility to scale and adjust to meet growing business needs.

Streamline Applicant Onboarding, and Demonstrate Compliance with FCRA

Search robust criminal, commercial, and financial activity records to retrieve the most up-to-date background check results. Simplify your onboarding and registration processes with the diligence and confidence necessary to comply with Fair Credit Reporting Act requirements.

Watch Background Checks In Action

Simple. Accurate. Secure. Compliant.

Perform robust background checks with varying levels of assurance, and corroborate findings with data pulled from 6,500+ authoritative sources, without risk of exposure to sensitive data.

  1. Automated FCRA Compliance Tools
  2. Continuous Monitoring for Ongoing Safety & Compliance
  3. Exceptional User Experience to Ease Onboarding
  4. Receive Normalized Data in Results

How It Works

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Customize Policy

Determine criteria that would qualify (or disqualify) an individual from participating in your platform.

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Customize Output

Choose the volume of results – from granular, specific data to broad, categorical facts.

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Submit background check request with minimal effort and data entry requirements for individuals.

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Review or Subscribe

Receive one-time results, or subscribe to ongoing background checks for safety and compliance.

The most comprehensive background checks available

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MVR Verification for Background Checks

Select from up to 390 motor vehicle violations to customize policy and check MVR against data pulled directly from the Department of Motor Vehicles.

How We're Different

FCRA Compliance Automation

Add your own distinct branding to our platform, and let Evident automate notifications like pre-adverse/adverse action and individualized assessments, and other notifications to support FCRA compliance.

Continuous Monitoring

Subscribe to Evident's monitoring services to conduct and review background checks on an ongoing basis, ensuring continuous safety and compliance.

Better User Experience

Evident enables painless, frictionless onboarding and secure background check data exchange, while still providing rich, customized experiences for individuals.

Layered Security

With bank-grade, end-to-end encryption, Evident protects verified personal data from a breach and lets companies see as much or as little background check information as they need.

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