The Three C’s of Doing Business During COVID-19

July 22, 2020

The Three C’s of Doing Business During COVID 19:
Company Safety Strategies, Compliance Considerations, and Contact Tracing

COVID-19 has fundamentally changed how businesses will operate for the foreseeable future, and with very little guidance provided by governments and authorities to navigate the landscape successfully, HR leaders are understandably feeling a lot of pressure. They are, naturally, at the crux of their companies’ returning to work decisions, as they’re responsible for keeping employees safe and informed and making them feel comfortable with their decisions.

Many companies want to reopen, but are finding that bringing employees back is complicated – news keeps changing, the disease spread is increasing in quite a few areas and employees are reluctant to return if not absolutely necessary. Add to this a distinct lack of clarity on compliance and liability issues. With no definitive answers, no easy way to mitigate risk entirely, and with testing and vaccines such a long way away, it feels like HR professionals are “on their own” to make critical decisions that could affect an entire business.

Read this white paper to understand how companies can craft a return to work strategy while building transparency with trust and monitoring employee health. We will discuss the four primary regulatory considerations that are likely to impact the way companies return to work and demystify contact tracing (manual investigations vs. automated technology), and see why businesses will need to know how to do it to enable safe return.

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