This Week in RiskTech News: April 3rd

April 3, 2023

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Business Insurance: AI complements risk management

Business Insurance: AI complements risk management

  • Technological progress is often subtle but can have wide-reaching implications.
  • Cellphones and pocket calculators are more obvious examples of recent technological advances.
  • The internet opened up accessibility to wider audiences, leading to rapid development in numerous industries.
  • Artificial intelligence (AI), though not new, has become more accessible with the launch of the large language model by OpenAI.
  • AI has the potential to reshape tasks and jobs in the insurance industry, such as generating creative ideas and streamlining complex processes.
  • Potential downsides include increased liability if AI is employed without appropriate controls.

USA Today: Several Honda models, Jeep Wranglers among 393,000 recalled cars this week.

USA Today: Several Honda models, Jeep Wranglers among 393,000 recalled cars this week. Check recalls here.

  • Honda is recalling 330,318 vehicles because heating pads behind both side-view mirrors may not be bonded properly, which could lead to the mirror glass falling out.
  • Chrysler is recalling 57,885 Jeep vehicles due to an “unnecessary and unused frame stud” on the vehicles that could pierce the fuel tank and lead to a fire.
  • Volkswagen is recalling 5,224 Audi electric vehicles due to air bags that could tear during a crash and leave occupants more vulnerable to injury.

Insurance Business: From loss coverage to prevention – the ‘Great Recalculation’

Insurance Business: From loss coverage to prevention - the ‘Great Recalculation’

  • Insurance has increasingly become a tool for prevention rather than simply providing protection against unexpected losses.
  • Emerging risks such as pandemics, climate change, and more frequent weather events have caused businesses to recalculate their approach toward risk management.
  • Zurich Resilience Solutions (ZRS) was created two years ago to provide a wider range of risk management solutions in addition to traditional insurance services.
  • These services are not limited to just Zurich customers and can include cyber security, supply chain management, and climate change prevention.
  • The Risk Advisor app provides users with an easy-to-use application that mimics the methods of Zurich risk engineers.
  • AI and data analytics is being used to help identify uninsurable financial risks and business operational efficiencies.

Insurance Business: Four things insurers and brokers must know about ChatGPT

  • Insurance professionals must stress best practices and ask clients how they plan to safely incorporate AI chatbot technologies.
  • Cyber attackers have started utilizing the technology, creating a pool of inexperienced hackers, potentially leading to more cyber-attacks.
  • Companies should assess data hygiene and bias risks and manage access to generative AI, while being aware of external regulators and adjusting policies accordingly.
  • Cyber insurance products are changing, with some sub-limits/coinsurance imposed for certain losses while other carriers adjust policy language to exclude coverage for litigation/investigations/fines.


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