Step-Up Your Password Resets with Identity Verification

August 29, 2019

Step-Up Your Password Resets with Identity Verification

Society’s transition from analog to digital has spurred an increase in the number of passwords people regularly use to access various online accounts, and with that increase comes a need for businesses to protect users, especially during account recovery processes like password resets.

Every organization differs in the way they define and execute password resets, and while there isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach, most cybersecurity experts believe that some form of identity verification should be included in every password reset process because, without it, there’s simply no way to know if the request came from the actual account owner or from a fraudster.

In this report, we’ll outline the benefits of using identity verification for password resets, and how enterprises can incorporate remote identity verification automation to “step-up” their account recovery processes while simultaneously protecting their users’ personal data.

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