Evident Positioned as Leader in Identity Verification & Document Verification in One World Identity’s 2019 Identity Industry Landscape

December 3, 2019

Evident Recognized for Comprehensive Identity & Credential Verification Capabilities in Identity Industry 

New York City, New YorkDecember 3, 2019 – Evident today announced that it was recognized as a leader in Identity Verification & Document Verification by One World Identity (OWI). OWI is a market intelligence and strategy firm focused on identity, trust, and the data economy. Each year, OWI designs an Identity Landscape, providing a comprehensive and holistic view of leaders in the identity space. As the identity industry is rapidly developing, OWI’s landscape provides an unparalleled overview of how digital identity applications are evolving and the companies and markets shaping next-generation digital identity. 

With over 400 companies and 35 market segments, the 2019 Identity Landscape visually depicts a growing and maturing industry. The new, unique landscape format allows companies to touch multiple market segments, reflecting on the dynamic nature of digital identity applications. The OWI team selected 415 identity companies from a pool of over 2,000 based on several factors. 

  • Each company must be an identity company OR have a distinguishable line of business focused on identity.  
  • Each company must be at least 3 years old or have raised $3 million. 
  • Each company must have a functioning product in the market.  

“Since 2017, the number of identity companies has more than quadrupled, from 500 companies to over 2,000,” said Travis Jarae, CEO and Founder of OWI. “With the wave of data breaches and privacy scandals, there is a rapid expansion of identity products and solutions. The OWI team interacts with identity companies every day, from startups to enterprise. We’re proud to share the Identity Landscape each year to distill how new companies, products, and solutions are shaping the future of identity.”

Evident’s automated, seamless verification platform is operationalizing identity for businesses. Through a single API, Evident provides high-assurance verification of both individuals and businesses, including: identity, criminal history, professional licenses, insurance, and other credentials and qualifications that help enterprises make better-informed business decisions.

“Evident is thrilled to be recognized by OWI in the Identity and Document Verification market segment. This recognition is a testament to our advanced platform and the unique benefits we provide our customers,” said David Thomas, CEO and Founder of Evident. “Our powerful verification platform reduces friction by enabling businesses to quickly and confidently verify individuals and businesses for onboarding, account recovery, and even to demonstrate compliance with CCPA’s laws around data subject requests, all while minimizing their exposure to sensitive personal data.”

Digital identity is the core of digital transformation. From personal to professional applications, identity is the foundation for how we connect, engage, and interact in the digital economy. As there is increasing consumer demand for privacy and security, digital identity is no longer a nice-to-have; it is a pillar of success. The OWI Identity Landscape is a tool to help companies keep track of market growth and trends and understand the strategic importance of digital identity moving into 2020 and beyond. OWI will be releasing a more detailed research report delving into the details of each market segment and how companies within the industry overlap and intersect in upcoming months. 

Download a complimentary copy of OWI’s 2019 Industry Landscape at www.oneworldidentity.com/landscape

About Evident: Evident, a trusted leader in identity and credential verification, is revolutionizing the way personal data is shared. With connections to 6,500+ authoritative sources through a simple, secure API, Evident is the only platform that enables comprehensive, accurate, and up-to-date verifications without the risk and liability of holding personal information. For more information, visit www.evidentid.com.

About OWI: OWI is a market intelligence and strategy firm focused on identity, trust, and the data economy. Through advisory services, events and research, OWI helps a wide range of public and privately held companies, investors and governments stay ahead of market trends, so they can build sustainable, forward-looking products and strategies. OWI was founded in 2015 and is the host of the KNOW Identity Conference that takes place in Vegas April 5-8, 2020.

Eva Dudzik


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