Introducing: Evident Health Status

May 15, 2020

Introducing: Evident Health Status

As businesses contemplate how to get their employees back to work safely, they’re finding limited guidance to help make these important decisions. Solutions like widespread testing and vaccines are many months away, and companies with essential workers that are risking exposure every day need help right now.

Businesses are currently forced to improvise solutions to keep employees healthy and informed, while ensuring that their businesses can serve their customers. The need to collect and track health data in order to manage risk in a safe and secure way is paramount, but concerns about what they can ask and how they will securely handle that information are equally serious.

There’s no perfect solution to protect people from COVID-19 exposure yet, but the Evident Health Status application offers the most powerful tool for limiting that exposure.

Evident Health Status automates collection, aggregates data from many sources into a single, usable format and delivers instant policy-driven recommendations for employees.

Our solution can considerably reduce administrative burden and operational friction by enabling workers to communicate early symptoms, authoritative test results (positive or negative), immunity, and, eventually, a vaccination when it becomes available.

Through a combination of health information – submitted daily by employees – and data pulled from authoritative healthcare sources, Evident’s Health Status application delivers real-time risk decisioning on employee statuses, making it easier for companies to determine whether it’s safe for employees to come to work that day.

How Evident Health Status App Works

Immediate benefits of using Evident’s Health Status

    1. Maintain regular communication with employees, giving them confidence that the company is prioritizing their safety.
    2. Gain easy access to information pulled from authoritative healthcare professional data sources that can help businesses make informed decisions.
    3. Get a clear indication of risk based on company policies, and easily integrate risk decisioning into company processes.

Long-term benefits of using Evident’s Health Status

    1. Leverage healthcare professional data sources to eventually access vaccine and immunity records for each employee, as soon as it becomes available.
    2. Communicate employee health records without the burden of storing or handling their personal data in company databases and systems.
    3. Transmit employee health data securely, with end-to-end encryption, so as not to violate the employees’ privacy rights and put the company at risk of a data breach.

Evident has also announced that it has convened a new advisory council – consisting of third-party advisors, customers, and partners – to ensure that the Health Status app adheres to privacy and security standards, current medical knowledge and best addresses the present and growing needs of businesses.

We’re very excited to introduce our new Health Status solution to help America get back to work safely and securely. Click here to put your company on the waitlist. If you’re interested in receiving our weekly newsletter with back-to-work news and insights from customers, advisors, and other businesses, click here.

Stephanie Peterman

Stephanie Peterman is a recovering journalist with 15 years of marketing and communications experience. She began her career in the advertising agency world, but discovered her true passion for privacy and cybersecurity while working in the technology space. She now serves as Brand Marketing & Communications Manager at Evident.

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