Evident Introduces Evident360 Verification Solution with Improved AI and Machine Learning Technologies

June 24, 2019

Evident Introduces Evident360 Verification Solution with Improved AI and Machine Learning Technologies

Evident adds new data attributes, enhances Identity Assurance Platform with Evident360 for comprehensive AI-based identity proofing, reducing the number of steps involved in identity verification by 25-50%

WASHINGTON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Ahead of Identiverse®, the premiere Identity Industry Event, Evident ID, Inc. has announced the introduction of Evident360, designed to collect, analyze, and verify data through a single, secure solution within their Identity Assurance Platform. Evident is strengthening their identity and credential verification platform with new artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning capabilities to increase speed and accuracy.

Evident also announced it has added over 5,200 verifiable data attributes to its library of more than 12,500. Through a single API, Evident has expanded its international scope, and can now verify attributes like commercial and personal automobile and motorcycle insurance coverage.

“As we continue to grow, our customers are expanding how they use the platform, which led us to add more than 5,200 attributes and to develop Evident360,” said David Thomas, CEO of Evident. “Our customers will enjoy an even faster, easier, and more comprehensive way to verify every aspect of an individual’s identity and credentials and obtain more holistic, accurate results based on authoritative data pulled from more than 6,500 sources.”

Evident’s Identity Assurance Platform enables seamless identity verification in less time and with a greater level of assurance for businesses of all sizes and industries. The newly introduced Evident360 solution within that platform:

  • Aggregates all verifiable data into a single source, reducing the average number of steps involved in a typical identity verification process by 25-50%, depending on the method implemented.
  • Allows businesses to connect an individual’s verified identity with a wide range of public and private records to confirm key facts about them in a simple, centralized manner.
  • Includes unique machine learning capabilities that make it possible for Evident’s Identity Assurance platform to process verification data at different stages and path them separately based on the results. The introduction of these guided workflows greatly reduces friction within the platform while continuing to reduce instances of fraud.

“Evident’s increased investment in AI and machine learning provides unique benefits to our customers and platform,” said Evident’s chief product officer Nathan Rowe. “We’re focused on delivering verification results with unmatched speed, ease, and precision, and these technologies will allow us to do just that. Fueled by our robust new identity engine, Evident360, Evident’s Identity Assurance Platform is primed to provide the most comprehensive and secure identity verification services available.”

Visit Evident, a bronze sponsor at Identiverse, at Booth #107 on the conference floor.

About Evident

Evident is revolutionizing the way personal data is shared. With connections to more than 6,500 authoritative sources through a single API, Evident’s simple, secure Identity Assurance Platform is the only solution that enables comprehensive, accurate, and up-to-date identity and credential verifications without the risk and liability of holding personal information. For more information, visit www.evidentid.com.


Eva Dudzik, Hotwire

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