Evident Enhances Identity Verification Platform with Professional License Verification Capabilities

October 21, 2019

Evident Enhances Identity Verification Platform with Professional License Verification Capabilities
Over 3,000 professional license types now verifiable through a single API, helping enterprises reduce identity fraud and increase consumer trust

Atlanta, GA, October 21, 2019 — Evident ID, Inc., a trusted leader in identity and credential verification, announced they have expanded their professional license verification capabilities to include more than 3,000 professional license types in all 50 United States as part of their commitment to protect digital enterprises from fraud. This strengthens Evident’s single, secure API to offer greater capabilities without difficult integration, delays or complications. 

Evident’s enhanced professional license verification capabilities allow companies to confidently verify that their employees and contractors have the proper licenses, certifications and insurance coverage to safely perform specific tasks for customers. Enterprises can also benefit from Evident’s continuous monitoring service, which alerts companies to any changes in the status of an individual’s professional license or insurance coverage. As a result, these companies can reduce business liability and risk while ensuring regulatory compliance and customer safety.

Many organizations, from enterprises to gig economy companies, use digital methods like Evident’s AI-powered Identity Assurance Platform to verify contractors’ and employees’ insurance coverage and professional licenses to confirm they have the necessary credentials to perform industry and skill-specific tasks and services. Evident’s platform can verify most professional licenses within minutes, depending on the speed of the state licensing board and the type verification needed for the professional license.

Evident can verify a wide range of professional licenses across multiple industries and job functions including, but not limited to:

  • Attorney
  • Security Guard
  • Commercial Driver
  • Contractor (plumber, electrician, general contractor, HVAC, etc.)
  • Medical (nurse practitioner, physician, optometrist, veterinarian, etc.)
  • Flying, Boating, (U.S. Coast Guard) and Motor Vehicle (personal, commercial)

“Our customers need assurance that when they hire contractors, employees, or businesses that have direct contact with customers, that they have the appropriate and most up-to-date professional licenses,” said Nathan Rowe, chief product officer of Evident. “At Evident, one of our key focuses is to strengthen our customers’ trust and safety efforts by enabling them to now verify more than 3,000 types of professional and business licenses against authoritative data pulled from over 300 licensing boards.”

About Evident

Evident is revolutionizing the way personal data is shared. Evident’s simple, secure Identity Assurance Platform lets businesses confidently know who they are dealing with without handling sensitive personal data. With connections to thousands of authoritative sources through a single API, Evident is the only platform that enables comprehensive, accurate, and up-to-date identity and credential verifications without the risk and liability of holding personal information. For more information, visit www.evidentid.com.

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