Avoid Cyber Attacks and Save Money by Holding Less Data

March 19, 2019

Avoid Cyber Attacks and Save Money by Holding Less Data

Now more than ever before, data is at the heart of every organization. Whether it’s used to offer more personalized services or provide increased security for the business, data is inherently necessary to run businesses today.

Data, especially Personal Identifiable Information (PII), is considered an asset because it has universal applications, like helping businesses to better understand their customers, but, because it’s difficult to secure, too much of it is considered a liability. Cyber criminals target data because it’s both monetarily lucrative and easier to steal than actual dollars, which is why prevalence of data breaches continues to grow, in magnitude, year-over-year.

In this white paper, learn more about why cybercriminals prioritize data hacking for financial gain, how your company can protect itself from a breach, and how data minimization practices can reduce the risks of cyber attacks and save you money. 

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