Fulfilling the Non-Profit Mission During COVID-19

November 24, 2020

Fulfilling the Non-Profit Mission During COVID-19

The COVID crisis has impacted all elements of society, including companies, governments, schools, and individuals. The common thread has been new and unprecedented stress. For U.S.-based non-profits, pressure is coming from both directions — demand for their services is in many cases higher and more urgent as people struggle with joblessness, food, and mental health. All of this is happening while resources, including donations and volunteers, are limited by the crisis.

It’s no question that the COVID-19 pandemic has caused an undeniable shift in many facets of work, with strong adoption of remote tools, new safety and sanitation measures, and a higher need to source locally. For better or worse, this has been easier to deal with due to the accompanying reduction in demand and activity. However, this is not true for many non-profits that face unique and dramatic challenges as the pandemic continues in the United States. With no option to sit out the crisis, non-profits need a guide for getting back to work as safely and as efficiently as possible.

Read this white paper to understand how non-profits can assess their environments, keep employees and volunteers safe, and protect their missions.

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