Evident Releases Mobile Application to Address Health Risks as Businesses Reopen

May 15, 2020

Evident Releases Mobile Application to Address Health Risks as Businesses Reopen

Evident Health Status streamlines workplace COVID-19 data gathering and decision making while maintaining employee privacy

Atlanta, GA, May 15, 2020 — Evident ID, Inc., a trusted leader in the secure and private exchange of personal information, announced today the launch of Evident Health Status, a SaaS platform and mobile application that helps businesses manage risk as employees return to the workplace amid the COVID-19 pandemic. The application offers employers and employees the ability to monitor potential coronavirus exposure while protecting confidential health information.

“Businesses around the world are navigating the difficult task of allowing employees to return to the workplace safely amid COVID-19,” said David Thomas, CEO of Evident. “Evident Health Status simplifies the process by orchestrating consent and data sharing between three critical stakeholders – your business, health providers and employees – all while ensuring employee privacy is protected. Our solution is designed to evolve as the world’s response to COVID-19 progresses.”

Navigating workplace health risks with Evident Health Status

Show Pros, a venue event staffing and crowd management company, is working with Evident Health Status as it continues to support various customers including the Bank of America Stadium, home of the Carolina Panthers; Spectrum Center, home of the Charlotte Hornets; and public assembly facilities in Greensboro, NC; Winston Salem, NC; Greenville, SC; and the Atlanta metro area. By leveraging the Evident Health Status application, combined with additional safety inputs like thermal scanning, Show Pros can ensure their employees can help businesses provide safe experiences for patrons and guests.

 “We have hundreds of employees on the front lines enforcing social distancing and eventually the reopening of public areas,” said Todd Stewart, President at Show Pros Entertainment Services. “As we adapt to the new normal of the event industry, we need a way to collect and track health information at scale, both to keep our employees and the general public safe. Manually gathering data takes too many people to deploy and is too slow to respond to frequent changes and guidance. Evident’s solution is helping us protect our employees’ safety and privacy, as well as helping us safeguard our business.”

Evident Health Status allows companies to quickly and easily collect up-to-the-minute health information. Based on public health guidelines and reviewed by a newly formed health and privacy advisory council, Evident’s mobile application automates collection, aggregates data and delivers instant policy-driven recommendations for employees. The solution includes the ability to:

  1. Communicate with employees to assess current health status including symptoms, temperature and contact history.
  2. Connect to healthcare records and other information pulled from authoritative healthcare professional data sources, as it becomes available.
  3. Deliver a real-time recommendation or risk score based on company policies.
  4. Protect employee privacy by transmitting employee health data securely, with end-to-end encryption, and full consent controls.

Ensuring privacy and security for personal healthcare data

To provide employers and employees confidence that sensitive data will be protected, Evident verifies the identity of the individual, provides transparency about how data will be used and shared, and obtains all necessary permissions prior to obtaining or communicating any healthcare records or other sensitive data – ensuring employees are aware of what happens to data about them throughout the process. Evident has partnered with TrustArc, the leader in privacy compliance and risk management, to automate privacy compliance for every user of Evident Health Status. By embedding TrustArc’s deep intelligence combined with its end-to-end privacy management capabilities into Evident Health Status, Evident can also continuously monitor and confirm its adherence to applicable privacy regulations and standards such as HIPAA, GDPR, and CCPA.

Evident Health Status is protected through robust security measures to ensure data remains secure, including:

  • Consent tracking and management
  • Data minimization
  • Strong cryptography to ensure data protected and tamper proof
  • Recurring identity verification including document scanning and fraud-proofing via longtime partner Acuant, a leader in intelligent data capture, identity verification and corroboration

Newly convened advisory council ensures app focuses on evolving business needs

From the beginning of this pandemic, Evident has been working with third-party advisors, customers, and partners to ensure the application adheres to privacy and security standards, current medical knowledge and best addresses the present and growing needs of businesses. These respected advisors include Dr. Kavita Patel, veteran Human Resources leader Coretha Rushing and other privacy, medical and human resources experts.

“As companies grapple with workers currently at-risk and consider how workers return to work, they must decide not only what actions are effective at reducing COVID-19 exposure, but also how they can help employees feel safer,” said Coretha Rushing, former SHRM Board Chair Emeritus. “We need technology that aids both businesses and employees to adapt to the changing workplace. As discussions continue regarding the need to revise some privacy regulations, all healthcare information including body temperature still must be protected and held confidential.”

“Protecting ourselves and others from the COVID virus will require constantly comparing our activities and health indicators against the latest guidance from the CDC and other health authorities,” said Dr. Kavita Patel, physician, Nonresident Fellow at the Brookings Institution and advisor to Evident ID. “Companies should be prepared to handle large amounts of private data and to be able to react quickly to changes and new information, eventually including test results.”

About Evident

Evident is revolutionizing the way personal data is shared. Evident’s simple, secure Identity Assurance Platform lets businesses confidently know who they are dealing with without handling sensitive personal data. With connections to thousands of authoritative sources through a single API, Evident is the only platform that enables comprehensive, accurate, and up-to-date identity and credential verifications without the risk and liability of holding personal information. For more information, visit www.evidentid.com.


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