A comprehensive, flexible
identity verification solution
for Okta customers

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Verify multiple attributes through a single API.

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  • Securely verify multiple attributes to determine access (or denial)
  • Prevent fraud without adding friction
  • Limit exposure to customer data
  • Demonstrate compliance with global cybersecurity and privacy regulations
  • Qualify customers faster, and with less risk

An efficient and automated solution

"I'm very happy with Evident's platform and customer service. They're responsive, solution-oriented, and quick to turn around updates."

Hayley Johnson | Product Manager | Porch

Okta customers can quickly and confidently verify new customers with Evident’s identity proofing solution.

How it works:


Customer begins engagement with company as a new user, an applicant, or a buyer.


Identity and credentials are verified through Evident's API, with connections to thousands of authoritative sources.


Customer is either given access to, or denied from, the company's platform based on the verification results.

The most comprehensive verifications for your identity and access management needs.

Flexibility: Initiate a wide range of verification requests, prove identity in multiple ways, verify different types of data sets, and run as many or as few verifications as needed.

Security: Prove an end-user’s identity in a safe way that minimizes personal data storage and limits access to sensitive PII.

Usability: Enjoy a seamless, frictionless experience that can be deployed quickly and easily set as an interdepartmental standard.

It’s easy to integrate and even easier to use.

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Professional Licenses

Background Checks


Criminal History & Watch Lists

Motor Vehicle Records

We handle the complexities so you don’t have to.

Evident is the only identity proofing solution that allows companies to verify the most comprehensive, accurate, and up-to-date facts about an individual without the risk and liability of holding their sensitive personal data.

Our flexible application enables businesses to customize their policies, levels of assurance, user registration experiences, and more, to meet their specific business needs.

Verify multiple data attributes
simultaneously through a single API.