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Evident helps you:

  • Verify volunteers and other qualified employees for your nonprofit organization
  • Save time, money, and frustration
  • Delight volunteers with an easy, seamless onboarding process
  • Scale your growing organization by onboarding new volunteers faster

An efficient and automated solution

"As we scale our business, Evident gives us a seamless and secure way to get the verified information we need, improving the experience and peace of mind of our community of parents and babysitters."

Pam Janusz | VP of Member Services | UrbanSitter

Nonprofit organizations should prioritize verifying new volunteers.

Here’s why:

Verifications you can trust

Hiring dependable volunteers builds trust, which is good for your brand reputation.

Automated background checks and verifications also alleviate new volunteer onboarding frustrations. With Evident, nonprofit organizations can quickly and seamlessly verify a candidate’s identity, insurance, employment and criminal history, and motor vehicle records.

Evident’s technology is like having an in-house HR team in a single application.

It’s quick and easy!

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We handle the complexities so you don’t have to.

It’s simple, secure, and affordable.
Here’s how it works:

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Register and start the verification process in minutes.

Select Verifications

Simply select the verification you want and submit.

View Results

All the answers you need in a single dashboard so you can hire quickly and confidently.

Getting the verifications you need has never been easier.

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How nonprofit organizations like yours use Evident

Seamless verifications to keep your organization moving.

We guarantee a fast onboarding process with a seamless user experience and mobile accessibility that’s convenient for you and your volunteers.

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