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Bring confidence & peace of mind to every personal data interaction.


Businesses are investing time, money, and resources to protect customer data to adhere to regulatory requirements and reduce risks.

Data security

Focusing on data security can absorb an incredible amount of time, distracting from your core business.

Our mission

Our mission is to enable businesses and individuals to safely and securely share verified personal information.

1,000+ attributes
10,000+ verifications

More than just protecting personal data

Together, we can make it easier to share and manage data while revolutionizing the way sensitive information is accessed and secured.

Simplifying the way personal data is secured & shared.
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By getting you out of the middle of it.
Your Business + Evident Data Sources & Users

We eliminate the need to collect, hold, and protect personal data while still enabling you to offer rich, personalized, and safe services.

Customize your integration

It's easy to get started and grows with your needs!

Immediate use

Begin using Evident immediately through our web portal. No integration required.

Flexible integration

Fully integrated & automated. Choose integration options tailored to optimize the customer experience.

Built with you and your customers in mind.

Our simple, secure, and powerful API allows you to offer more sophisticated services that require stringent identity verification, background checks, and proof of important licenses or credentials -- in your software with the programming language you already use.

Built with you and your customers in mind.

Evident reduces risk and simplifies every personal data interaction

Cryptographic access control

Unique encryption keys limit access to sensitive data, minimizing the risk of a data hack for both you and your customers.

Strong encryption in transit and at rest

AES-256 encryption with RSASSA-PSS OTP ensures no one except individuals can ever see their data.

Minimum disclosure

Get the business details you need without handling sensitive information.

Transparent onboarding

Collect sensitive data without exposure to PII.

We simplify the complicated world of personal data.

We simplify the complicated world of personal data.

  1. Endless possibilities
    Get all the data you need in one place. Choose from hundreds of questions and verifications to get the most accurate information.
  2. Your customers’ info is always protected
    Customer information is collected locally through the experience you design. All information is stored on their own device, meaning less risk for you, and more peace of mind for them.
  3. Evergreen information
    Gain continual access to the most current and relevant data needed to meet business goals and policies that you define.

The potential to more securely acquire, manage, and share personal information while increasing privacy for both businesses and individuals -- that’s the power of Evident.

Want to learn more about the challenges of online verification?

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Want to learn more about the challenges of online verification?

Get verified, personal data without the risk.