Frequently Asked Questions

Evident Basics

  • What is Evident?

    Evident is revolutionizing the way personal data is shared. With connections to more than 6,500 authoritative sources through a single, secure API, Evident is the only platform that enables comprehensive, accurate, and up-to-date identity and credential verifications without the risk and liability of handling personal information.

  • What are the costs to use the Evident platform?

    At Evident, we offer flexible pricing plans to meet your current and future business needs. With a range of packages and services to choose from, we enable companies of all sizes and across industries to customize their verification solutions and pricing to their liking.

    For more information on customized pricing packages and options, please email us at

  • How long does it take to get up and running on the Evident platform?

    With Evident’s Web Portal, businesses can register and begin running verifications within a few days. For a more customized verification experience, integration with our single API is necessary and will likely require more time depending on the selected approach.

  • What is identity verification?

    Identity verification, also known as identity proofing, is the process of confirming that someone is who they say they are before giving them an account, a password, a job, or any other access to your platform.

  • What information does Evident need to collect from users?

    Depending on a company's unique business policies, they will conduct specific verification types, at which point Evident will determine what information is required from the individual. We always minimize the input required so you can reduce friction during the verification process.


Attributes and Capabilities

  • What types of verification services does Evident offer?

    Evident can verify more than 12,500 attributes about an individual, based on information pulled from over 6,500 authoritative data sources through a single API. We enable businesses to run thousands of comprehensive, accurate, and secure verifications without handling or holding sensitive personal data.

    For an overview of our current services, please visit

    To learn more about a specific service or solution, please contact us at

  • Does Evident send the pre-adverse and adverse action notifications or does the business?

    Evident is flexible enough to allow for either option. Our platform provides a range of tools to help your business simplify verifications by automating communication to demonstrate compliance . This includes capabilities for sending pre-adverse and adverse action notifications.

  • Does Evident offer a pilot or trial period to prove accuracy?

    We offer flexible pricing options that allow businesses of all sizes and industries to run verifications that meet their specific needs. From our flexible Pay As You Go plan, built for growing small businesses, to customized pilots for enterprises, Evident makes it possible for any organization to experience the power of our platform.

Customer Outreach

  • Does Evident have any success stories or case studies about customers' experiences working with you?

    We work with companies of all sizes and industries. From the world’s most innovative hospitality brand to small, growing startups, we understand our customers needs and our platform is enabling them to do more than ever before.

    For more details on how Evident is driving results for our customers, visit our Case Studies page.

  • Is Evident FCRA compliant? What does that entail?

    As a company, Evident is a Consumer Reporting Agency (CRA) and thus, is required to demonstrate compliance with the FCRA requirements that are outlined for CRAs. Our platform provides you with a toolset that simplifies FCRA compliance for end users of consumer reporting, including capabilities around disclosure, authorization, pre-adverse action, adverse action, and individualized assessments.

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