COIs, Simplified

With risk managers having to qualify over 20,000 verifications annually (that’s roughly 55 COIs a day…assuming you work weekends), it is safe to say COIs can get out of control quickly.

But what if there is a better way?

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1. Upload your COI

2. Detailed analysis around if your third-party matches your insurance requirements

3. If they aren’t compliant in a particular area we identify and let YOU decide if an exception needs to be made

4. If they aren’t compliant? Use our automated workflows to trigger a request to update that information.

Cutting out your admin work, so you can get back to the important things.

How We're Different

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Deep Visibility

Evident doesn't just store your third-party COIs, we digitize all COI and policy details so we can provide complete analysis of your supply chain's exposure.

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Evident automates the entire process - collection, verification, analysis, decisioning, storage, and monitoring of third-party COIs and policies to ensure compliance with corporate standards.

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Getting to "Yes"

Our workflows can handle the exceptions and even offer fulfillment to ensure that more of your supply chain partners have active and up-to-date coverage, while greatly reducing your administrative effort.

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Optimize Risk/Spend

Evident integrates guidance from insurance industry partners into actionable reports that eliminate redundant coverage and optimize premiums to reduce overall cost for you and your network partners.

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