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Why people choose Evident?

Semi-Integrated Connected Coverage: Evident will verify an insured's coverage against a periodically updated in-force extract. You'll be notified when your insured has a fulfillment opportunity.

Fully-Automated Connected Coverage: Evident will verify an insured's coverage against your CMS, and you'll be automatically alerted to any coverage gaps, policy servicing requests, and provided third-party risk data.

End-to-End COI Management Automation

Evident helps reduce your insurance risk by automating your COI management. Our AI-powered software can analyze Certificates of Insurance (COIs) in under 24 hours and ensures your vendors actually meet your compliance standards in just a click.

Automate COI Verification Process by 90%

Say goodbye to manually tracking certificates of insurance (COIs, ACORDs).

  • Rich follow-up workflow, so you no longer have to spend time chasing after COIs
  • Allows you to focus on more important things like reducing risk

Increase Compliance Rates by 20%

Being blind to your business’ risk could lead to costly claims and lawsuits. With Evident you can get:

  • Peace of mind that all coverage requirements are being met for optimal protection
  • Effective COI management automation
  • Lightening fast COI Verification to ensure your vendors are actually compliant

Dive deeper into the features that help you verify, automate, fix, and repeat your insurance verification needs.

Find out why the world's largest companies trust Evident to verify over 820,000 policies a year

5FSee how Evident helped 5F-SuperHighway achieve significant business growth with our comprehensive insurance verification solution.
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ManufacturingSee how Evident's insurance verification solution is helping a national packaged food manufacturer reduces distributor and supply chain risk.
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Restaurant FranchisorsSee how a global pizza restaurant franchisor is using Evident's insurance verification solution to reduce franchisee risk and demonstrate compliance.
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